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It’s All About Discipline

Wednesday was my sister-in-law Mary’s birthday and I knew she wanted a booga bag. I’ve known this since Christmas but I somehow neglected to plan enough time to make her a bag before her birthday. I thought I was doing okay – I ordered the yarn several weeks ago from Webs. But, honestly, it took forever and a day to arrive. When it finally did arrive I was at a reenactment and couldn’t exactly work with Noro Kureyon on Addi turbos and still pretend it was 1865. Consequently, I didn’t actually cast on for the bag until last Monday night. (remember my dilemma? do I finish the kitty pi first or just jump into the bag?) Anyway, I barely got a start on Monday night but worked diligently Tuesday night. Wednesday was the band concert so there was only sock knitting – since I didn’t want Mary to see the bag. I finally finished it on Thursday and then came the long long process of knitting miles of I-cord for the handle. It took all of my will-power and every ounce of discipline I had to finish that I-cord when I was itching to work on the Leaf Lace Shawl, which had been neglected since Sunday. But, this was a gift for Mary so I persevered and am the better person for it. The booga bag and handle were finished on Thursday. Here they are in their pre-felted state.

Friday afternoon both bag and handle went into the washing machine with a little soap, lots of hot water, and 3 pairs of blue jeans. Two cycles later it was nicely felted and stretched over a tupperware cereal container – the perfect blocking tool for this particular bag. Today I poked the holes for the I-cord handles and snapped this quick photo before Mary came over to help me shop for and plant flowers for my window boxes and deck.

I could tell you a lot of things about Mary. She has always been good to me and accepted me into this family right from the beginning. She’s smart and funny and pretty and old-fashioned in a way that makes you want to sit on a porch with her and drink lemonade. She is a very talented writer and her gardens are beautiful beyond compare. She is an accomplished outdoors woman and passionate about her beliefs and values. But you know what the best thing is about Mary? When you’re with her she makes you feel good about yourself. She makes you feel like all the good ideas are your own – when they are mostly hers. She makes you feel brilliant – like no one else has ever knitted such a beautiful felted bag and it doesn’t even matter that her birthday was 3 days ago. She makes you feel special – like she wouldn’t rather be anywhere but with you right at that moment. And she makes you want to be the person she believes you to be – like you’re not really just another schmuck trying to find your way through life.

I hope you all have someone like Mary in your life. A cheerleader, a sister and a friend. Oh, and if you do, knit something for her, for crying out loud, because she deserves it.

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  1. Happy birthday to Mary. She sounds like a wonderful person. Bravo for the discipline in making that beautiful booga bag for her.

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