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The kitty pi is done! I used Lamb’s Pride Bulky – 2 skeins of blue and little of red for some contrast. Mason’s not a frou-frou kind of cat so I left out the eyelash trim. He appears to be quite excited (trust me, that’s his excited face) and doesn’t seem to understand that he has to wait for it to be felted! See what I mean?


So, I put the hoop-de-big knitted cat bed in a zippered pillow case and then ran it through the washing machine with 3 pairs of old blue jeans. It was felted by the end of the first cycle and it’s now stuffed with crumpled newspaper and plastic bags, drying away. I can only hope that Mason will love it as much once he realizes that it’s for him.

I also want to show you a picture of one of my anniversary presents from last week. I’ve been asking for a clothesline in the backyard for years. (I had one for about a week several years ago but then my father-in-law backed into it one day and knocked it over. A funny story for another time.) Anyway, I came home last Tuesday and found this in the backyard.

Not only do I have a clothesline but it had these three t-shirts hanging on the line with the numbers “143” painted on them. That’s code for “I love you.” Isn’t that the sweetest thing? I’m telling ya’ll, that husband of mine is a keeper.

The booga bag birthday gift was cast on within minutes of finishing the kitty pi. I know that many of you commented that it would be okay to suspend the rules but I just couldn’t do it. It was only a week ago that I said that 4 items on the needles is my limit. I can’t just go breaking rules willy-nilly, ya know.

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  1. Those t-shirts on the line are very very cute and sweet!


    Is your Lambs Pride fuzzy! Mine has been knitting very fuzzy lately!
    I make the buttonhole bags out of it. (Mason-Dizon buttonhole bags)

  2. I hope Mason likes the kitty pi when it is ready for him. My cats prefer other people’s stuff. He’s a beautiful cat.

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