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Presenting, the wonder-child wearing the One Skein Wonder from Glampyre Knits.

The Over-The-Shoulder-Aren’t-I-Mysterious-Pose


I knit this for Hannah over the weekend so she can take it to Cape Cod with her next week. I think it will be perfect for over-airconditioned restaurants and chilly nights at the beach house.
I used Artful Yarns Fable from Webs in the Pinocchio color scheme and to me it looks like a carnival. I had no trouble with the cotton, although I know some knitters say that it hurts their hands. Anyway, it’s done and off my list. Woo hoo!

Speaking of lists, the dublin bay socks are also done.

I know they don’t match, so please don’t point it out. What can I say? These are fraternal socks, baby. I tried to make them match, really I did, and I started the second sock on what I thought was the same repeat in the color scheme. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and I decided it really doesn’t matter. Yup, that’s what I decided. After all, done is better than perfect, at least in this knitter’s world. Please do notice the lovely lace pattern up the side of the leg. Nice, huh?
Anyone listening to KnitCast these days? I am a faithful follower of this podcast and was actually listening to #3 Glampyre Knits, this morning. I thought it was appropriate since I had just finished her One Skein Wonder pattern. Anyway, one of the questions that Marie Irshad asked Stefanie Japel was whether or not she believes that knitting is an art or a craft. This got me thinking and I’m honestly not sure. I think when you’re creating your own patterns it’s an art but if you’re following someone else’s pattern it’s a craft. What do you guys think?

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  1. I love the socks. I think it would have been pure misery to try to get them to match. Sometimes what is, is. Of course, all of my yarns similar to that are still in my stash. I think I still have some maturing to do in that deptartment.

  2. The OSW looks SO great on Hannah!! I’m sure that she’ll love it and wear it often. I like that the socks are fraternal — and the lace is like a little surprise 🙂 At my stage of knitting, it’s a craft, but I like knowing that I share this with generations of men and women around the world.

  3. Love the sox, if you didn”t say so I’d say they matched. I guess I’m just not “yarn Savy” enough to know better. I’m working my way through I cord – I sure hope that is forgiving when it’s felted. See you tomorrow at quilting/knitting at Sharon’s ( maybe we should call it knilting or quitting and make it easier).


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