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What to Say, What to Say

Coming up with something to say after a milestone post that includes the 10,000 comment and my first major cabled project sure is challenging. There are things I could tell you but none of them truly make for a whole post. For instance:

I could tell you that I’ve walked 11.77 miles out of my 100 miles by April 1st challenge.

Or I could tell you that I’m so horribly bored with the orange Opal stockinette socks that I’m ready to scream.

I suppose I could do that 6 Weird Things Meme. I’ve been tagged for that a few times. Truly, though, while I believe everyone has a freak flag (or two) I’m not sure I have any left that you don’t already know about. Besides, my 100 things about me is over there on the side bar and there are plenty of weird things listed there.

I should tell you that I’ve settled on a name for the HitchHiker wheel. It’s not Hazel or any of the other suggestions but I did get my inspiration from Dave, who said a lady wouldn’t hitch hike and Vicki, who mentioned something in an email that reminded me how much I love the television show M*A*S*H. My HitchHiker wheel will forever be known as Hot Lips Houlihan. I think it’s perfect.

I could talk about the major car problems we’re having and how I’m being forced to drive the Suburban to work these days. I truly hate driving that vehicle.

I could even tell you that I just finished my first ever Dick Francis mystery.

But I won’t. Instead I’ll do what knitbloggers everywhere do when they don’t have anything to talk about. I’ll show you a picture of my cat. Please note that he’s clutching a handknit sock.


The picture of contentment, no?

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  1. He’s so sweet! Of course they all are so sweet when they’re sleeping, just like kids 🙂

    Love your choice of names for the HitchHiker!

  2. Awww, cute kitty photos always work.
    And Hot Lips H is a good name, perfect for that hitch hiking wheel. (I was gonna say hitch hiking slut, but I don’t want you to get lots of bad Google hits.

  3. I had no doubt you’d come up with the perfect name for the HH. HLH…love it!
    Sorry about the Jeep and good for you on the walking mileage!

  4. I’ve been adding — slowly, somewhat steadily — to my mileage, too! It feels great.

    You know how I feel about Hot Lips! ; )

  5. Wish I could sleep on a sock today. Congrats on 10,000! Great name for the wheel too, love M*A*S*H! They had a marathon that ended last week & now I forget (Hallmark channel?) plays them daily.

  6. What a great name. Now you just need a little roving named Frank Burns and you’ll be all set. 😉

  7. Five words: Martinis and Medicine Box Set! I’d buy it if we didn’t already own most of the individual seasons.

    Hot Lips. Nice choice! 🙂

  8. Did you love the Dick Francis? My mom used to read his books, but I never did until my sister gave me one for Christmas a few years ago. I’ve read a few more since and really enjoy them.

  9. Great name for the wheel ;o)

    Sorry you’re having car problems :o( I just had to have my entire heating system replaced AND the third power steering pump in 18 months. Night. Mare.

    Cute kitty :o)

  10. Bummer about the car problems! I feel your pain…I’m likening driving a Suburban to driving a mini-van. After I was hit and my car had to go into the shop they gave me a mini-van. It was horrible. HORRIBLE. I am not a mini-van kinda’ mom.

    And Hot Lips Houlihan is a great and very unique choice!

  11. Yay Hot Lips! Yay Mason! Who was #10,000? I know it wasn’t me, since I spent all day yesterday in crazed mode. Trust me to mistime things.

    Which Francis? I’ve read all of them.

  12. Oh, no! Is the Jeep broken? I AM sad… love that picture in my mind of us driving our Jeeps down the highways together on opposite ends of the continent.

  13. Great cat picture! He certainly does look content. I love cats but can’t have any on our current lease, so cat pictures are always a favorite of mine.

    I’ve read all of Dick Francis; they are quite fun to read.

    Love the name of the wheel!

  14. Awww… your kitty has a security blanket sock! 🙂 Awesome that you’ve overcome your fear of cables too. That vest is going to be amazing! 🙂

  15. I LOVE this post Carole. Why? It makes me feel so much better about all the days I have not enough to post about as well (which is alot on my blog).

    I love the kitty pic with the sock… so sweet!

  16. I love the kitty picture. What happened to his poor leg? I’ve always kept my sock away from the cats because one of my Siamese ate wool. The vet said it was probably because she liked the smell of the lanolin. You baby looks like he’s got a blankie not dinner.

  17. Congratulations on the cables, as well as the walking miles! I think you can never go wrong with a kitty picture, especially when they are clutching a handknit sock. And from someone who just recently started her own blog, trust me, yours is always a joy to visit. “Words” in themselves are not always necessary (that makes sense maybe in my own head? ha!).

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