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Random Bits of Odd This and End That

Odds and ends. This and that. Random bits. Call it what you wish because that’s what it’s about today.

*Thank you all for the encouragement for 100 Miles by April 1st aka Runagogo. Just to clarify, I’ll be walking these miles on a treadmill at my local YMCA. I will not be counting my steps throughout the day but only the miles I walk while exercising. I walked for 40 minutes on Tuesday and did 2.42 miles. I went again on Wednesday and upped my speed just a bit in the middle of the routine and did 2.5 miles. I’m hoping to increase my speed as my body gets stronger so that eventually I’ll be able to do 3 miles at a time!

red_scarf2.jpg*I finished scarf #2 for the Red Scarf Project. I know it looks a lot like the first one but trust me, it’s a different one. The yarn is a tad more orange-y and the pattern is slightly different, too. The wood pile is also smaller now, in case you wondered. I’ll be mailing both scarves off this weekend.

*I received the “Kindred Spirits” award from Jen and La in their Third Annual JenLa Knitblog Awards. If you don’t read these grrls, you should. They’re funny and witty and a tad sarcastic. Sort of like me, I suppose. Which is why I got this oh-so-fabulous award. I feel as though I’ve finally arrived! Thanks Jen and La. I’m honored.

*I’m ready to start Dale’s Cable Moss Vest. You may recall that this was my abandoned Olympics Knitting Project. But it’s a year later and I’ve got different yarn and a whole new ‘tude about cables thanks to all my very encouraging readers. I swatched last night and got gauge (which I know means nothing because swatches lie) and hope to get started on the actual vest this weekend. Go cables!

*I’m nearing 10,000 comments on this here blog. Can you believe it? Frankly, I’m shocked. My blogiversary is at the end of this month and I’d be thrilled to hit the 10,000th comment milestone before then but it will take some effort on your part. As a bit of incentive, you should know that whoever hits the magic number will be receiving a nice little prize from me.

So, comment and delurk over the coming weeks. I promise the reward will be a good one.

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  1. I’m sure you’ll get your comment goal. Hay you added two more possibles today at the knitting demo. In my New Year’s quest to read my E-mail more than quarterly I got Don involved in my ongoing propblem of where is my E-mail anyway (it still shows up as a secondary site under his rather than in my area). We didn”t get that resolved but I did learn how to add your blog to my favorites list so now I don’t have to scroll thru the old e-mails to find the link. Sad isn’t it, but at least I know it!

  2. wait!! swatches lie?

    no seriously, i hate swatching for that very reason. just because i get stitch and row gauge in a swatch doesn’t mean i will in the garment. best of luck on Dale’s vest — it’ll be awesome!

  3. It is no surprise to me that you are nearing 10,000 comments. Your posts are always interesting to read and your photos and projects, lovely.

    BTW, I’m going to join the 100 Miles by April team too. It’s just the motivation I need right now.

  4. Wow 10,000 comments!! What a hurdle. And I know you have always sent me a lovely email after I comment so that must mean 10,000 comment email replies too — you are the queen!
    I enjoy reading your blog. Keeps me in touch with my mom’s east coast roots even though I live in the midwest. Oh and I have never mentioned that my 13 yr old son is a civil war reinactor wannabee!

  5. Delurking to say hello. Hope you reach your 10,000 comment goal well in advance of your blogiversary.

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