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Random Bits of Odd This and End That

Odds and ends. This and that. Random bits. Call it what you wish because that’s what it’s about today.

*Thank you all for the encouragement for 100 Miles by April 1st aka Runagogo. Just to clarify, I’ll be walking these miles on a treadmill at my local YMCA. I will not be counting my steps throughout the day but only the miles I walk while exercising. I walked for 40 minutes on Tuesday and did 2.42 miles. I went again on Wednesday and upped my speed just a bit in the middle of the routine and did 2.5 miles. I’m hoping to increase my speed as my body gets stronger so that eventually I’ll be able to do 3 miles at a time!

red_scarf2.jpg*I finished scarf #2 for the Red Scarf Project. I know it looks a lot like the first one but trust me, it’s a different one. The yarn is a tad more orange-y and the pattern is slightly different, too. The wood pile is also smaller now, in case you wondered. I’ll be mailing both scarves off this weekend.

*I received the “Kindred Spirits” award from Jen and La in their Third Annual JenLa Knitblog Awards. If you don’t read these grrls, you should. They’re funny and witty and a tad sarcastic. Sort of like me, I suppose. Which is why I got this oh-so-fabulous award. I feel as though I’ve finally arrived! Thanks Jen and La. I’m honored.

*I’m ready to start Dale’s Cable Moss Vest. You may recall that this was my abandoned Olympics Knitting Project. But it’s a year later and I’ve got different yarn and a whole new ‘tude about cables thanks to all my very encouraging readers. I swatched last night and got gauge (which I know means nothing because swatches lie) and hope to get started on the actual vest this weekend. Go cables!

*I’m nearing 10,000 comments on this here blog. Can you believe it? Frankly, I’m shocked. My blogiversary is at the end of this month and I’d be thrilled to hit the 10,000th comment milestone before then but it will take some effort on your part. As a bit of incentive, you should know that whoever hits the magic number will be receiving a nice little prize from me.

So, comment and delurk over the coming weeks. I promise the reward will be a good one.

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  1. You are absolutely ready to tackle Dale’s vest — and I really like that color of Skye Tweed. You are a kindred spirit, girlfriend 🙂

  2. I’d love to get you started toward that goal!
    I think it’s great that you’re walking. It’s a great goal, and a great way to stay in shape, as well. As a runner, here’s a tip for increasing your speed:when you’re feeling good, up your speed for a minute or two, or maybe a tenth of a mile, then when you feel winded turn in back down to where you were. You should be able to walk the faster pace for longer periods, maybe even to the point that it becomes your normal pace, and you can increase that for short periods. Not only will you up your mileage and get used to a faster pace gradually, “they” say that short bursts of speed during a workout are good for your heart. Best of luck, and happy New Year!

  3. Good luck with the walking. After reading about it here, I went and signed up. I figured if I start this weekend and walk a little over a mile every day, I will make the goal. Here’s to fitness in the new year! Cheers.

  4. Good luck with the walking! You’re going at about the same speed that I do – I occasionally up the speed and take longer strides so it doesn’t feel too much faster. In (my) theory, that should be more beneficial for my rear end.

  5. Your sarcasim must inspire lots of comments. Congrats on 10,000! The vest will fly off your fingers. Enjoy all the twists and turns;-)

  6. Go cables indeed. And go walkers! I still don’t know if I have the nerve. You can bet I’ll be commenting religiously, though.

  7. Ahhh new year, fresh starts! Great job already on the walking all over the place! It’ll give you more energy to knit! A big congrats on making the Knotty list too! Your readers couldn’t agree more.

  8. Good luck! I love cables-and it may be mostly because at one time I didn’t believe I would ever be able to tackle them. Not sure, but whatever the reason, I love to watch them develop. And congrats on the award!

  9. I too will be walking my miles but as long as the weather here stays unseasonably warm I’ll do mine in the neighborhood! This is a great motivator! Thanks for posting about it!
    I can’t wait to see that vest, I know it’s going to be beautiful…love the color.
    Congratulations on your award!

  10. Good luck with the 100 Miles! I signed up too, and am trying to figure the best way to do it. I may split with walk/jog and biking.

    Good luck with the manly knit! I am working through mine now too.

  11. Well I’m happy to add to the total! I love the runagogo idea, and I’m planning to put together a spreadsheet. This will be a good way to give myself some motivation. I haven’t stopped by Rachael’s in a while, so thanks for making the connection.

    Also, nice red scarf. Woo, and you know the rest.

  12. Yay! I’m glad you are going to work on Dale’s vest next. The back of mine is soaking right now and we will see how she blocks out.

    Stopped by the health club today too 🙂

  13. My woodpile is smaller, too. And I just got a truckload the week before Christmas. It’s like an advent calendar to countdown to spring and gardening season, I kind of like it!

    I wish we could give out real prizes to go with our awards. We need corporate sponsorship!

  14. Those longer strides are good for you. Don’t ask how I know that. *L*

    Congrats on everything! And thank you for not making me hungry today.

  15. congrats on the award! I just also saw the link to Jenla over at Cara’s blog. Very nice!
    and how cool that you’re doing the 100 miles. we’re cheering for you.

  16. What’s wrong with this and that? My life is made up of this and that. My love affair with this sometimes changes when that appears. Many times that becomes beloved this, held close to my heart for a good long time. ::Sigh:: Well, that’s enough of that! Blue skies, Lark

  17. What is that yarn for Dale’s vest?

    I’m a long time lurker, but I’ll try and comment more, as I certainly appreciate comments on my own blog!

    Good luck on the walking, I’m off to buy replacements running shoes this weekend, and then I’ll consider joining!

  18. thanks for passing on those great blogs! JenLa is awesome. Congratulations on your bloggiversary.

  19. Hmmm… so if I post multiple comments every day, maybe that will give me the best shot at winning??

    How great that you finished two scarves for RSP!! Since I’m taking your advice & not doing Christmas knitting for family next Christmas, next year I should be able to do even more Charity knitting!

    Good luck on Dale’s Vest. The yarn looks yummy!

  20. I pledge to comment on every single entry to help you hit the 10,000 mark. Even if I feel like I have nothing to contribute to the conversation (if the comments make no sense, this is why). 10,000 comments is an absolutely insane amount – think about how many emails you’ve sent in reply! I am in awe.

    PS Goooooo, cables!

  21. Yay, you’re doing the vest. I’ll be watching with great interest. You’ll be a cable pro in no time. Great start on the 100 miles!

  22. Hehehehe I’m not aiming for the award, just trying to catch up after a couple weeks of little access. I’m glad you had a good Christmas and new year’s. And congratulation on the award! Hoorah!

  23. 10,000! That’s amazing.

    And how exciting that you’re going to confront the Dreaded Cable! I have never particularly minded textured knitting–it’s stranded colorwork that scares me. But this year I’m going to work on that fear, just like you. 😉

  24. Congrats on your blog award and good luck on the cabled vest. I’m still waiting for the yarn to arrive so I can start my cable project. Love the scarf!

  25. Is that the Rowan Skye Tweed I see there for that Vest?

    Man, I tried to get in on some of that, but by the time I made up my mind, Elann was sold out.

    Congrats on the milestone!

  26. Love the pattern of the scarf…what pattern is it? I just started a Mistake Rib with Rowan Calmer. Yummy.

    I’m in on the 100 miles too. On the treadmill. I only did 2 miles today, but haven’t walked in at least a month. Might not make the 100, but still going to track it. Probably won’t sign up, though, since I’m not shooting for the goal, just for tracking.

  27. 10,000 comments! Wow. That’s huge. ood to hear that you’re taking out Dale’s vest. Maybe I’ll take out the one that I started for my husband so long ago.

  28. I love cables! That yarn is a gorgeous shade of blue. Good luck with the walking, ever since PT I avoid treadmills like the plague lol.

  29. 2006 was a bit of a wash because I had eye surgery and got meningitis, but most years I try to walk 2.5-3 miles four days per week (MTThF), 5-8 miles once a week (W), and I take two days off (SS). The longer walk really makes a difference in how I feel on Sunday. My walking includes a lot of hills and stairs because we don’t have a gym. You will be knitting the entire time, right???

  30. Delurking to help you reach 10K. The best part of your blog (in my world, anyhow) is that it is the perfect antidote for a cranky library patron. After a particularly frustrating one, I pop over for a quick smile. Thanks.

  31. You mean that was sarcasm all this time?

    I’m not even going to comment on the comments. If I break a double digit in a week I’m breaking out the champagne.

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