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Spring Fling Socks

Don’t you worry about the sock yarn stash. I’m doing my best to knit it down. I’ve even got proof in the form of a newly finished pair of socks – the tenth pair of 2007, in fact.

I’ve been calling these Spring Fling Socks and they are a gift but I can’t tell you who they are for because the recipient occasionally reads this here blog. I can tell you lots of other things though.

Like how much I love the yarn. It’s Sunshine Yarns in the color “Spring” and it was a gift from Kathy. It’s soft and squooshy and the colors are fabulous.

And I can tell you how I love the 2 X 2 ribbing on the legs. I thought I would get bored with the never-ending knit 2, purl 2, but I actually enjoyed it very much.

And I can also tell you how much I love a traditional heel flap and gusset. Honestly, I never get tired of knitting a heel flap, turning a heel, and picking up stitches. It’s magic, I tell you.

Or how much I love a regular old toe. Doesn’t the sock look like it’s smiling? I’m smiling, too. These took exactly two weeks to finish.

I guess I really love these socks! I don’t love dandelions but I couldn’t help but notice how well the colors of the dandelions match the colors of the socks. And I know someone who does love dandelions. Wanna come over for omelets, Norma?

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  1. Awesome socks! Lucky recipient! I love dandelions. Norma uses them in omelets? Really?

  2. Ooh! I love that colorway too. They’re beautiful…and I secretly love the whole heel process (if you weren’t joking about that!).

  3. Smiley socks and dandelions – yup, spring’s here. I love dandelions, but not for me. Bunnies gobble ’em up by the handful and it stretches my hay supply.

  4. Someone is very lucky to be getting those beautiful spring socks!! I like the traditional heel and all that goes with it. It is magic every time.

  5. I love your socks. The color certainly says spring. I also want to say how nice it is for you to answer every time I comment. Thanks for reading my comments. Have a great day. sandy

  6. What is it about making socks that thrills us knitters so much, time after time? Great yellow ones, Carole.

  7. Oh those are lovely! I get the dandelions in vases here so they are still special to me. Down to 79 pair. I’ll keep track for you if you want!!

  8. Wow-how perfectly spritely. The lucky lady who gets these will certainly love them! Dandelion petals are edible, aren’t they?

  9. Great socks!! By the way, the yarn for 80 pairs was after the cleaning out, correct?
    I just found out that RI is having our first Sheep and Wool this Saturday the 19th – it looks like it will be a rainy day but I am hoping to go!!

  10. What a beautiful spring colorway! Your photos are a bright start to my morning:) I agree about just how magical turning a heel is.

  11. You are a sock knitting machine!! I LOVE these socks! I never get bored with knitting k2p2 ribbing either 🙂

  12. Yummmm, dandelion omelets! I’ve been almost living on those lately. You are a sweetie for thinking of me and my crazy penchant for dandelions. XOXO

  13. Those socks are the epitome of spring! In a month or so, I think they’ll be the epitome of summer, too. They’re simply beautiful. They do make me think of Dandelions, which makes me think of summers as a child, weaving Dandelion bracelets and necklaces. Ahh, those were the days. Perfect socks. 🙂

  14. Possibly the most cheerful socks I’ve ever seen. 🙂 Is that old-skool Sunshine Yarns, or the superwash?

    It looks great in ribbing, and I usually don’t feel that way about variegated yarns.

  15. i love dandelions too (i should love them, they’re all over the place) but i haven’t tried eating them yet.

    the socks are cute too. and i’m a big fan of the heel flap and gusset — it is magic.

  16. So cheery! They make me think of my mother – yellow is her favorite color, and I bet she’d love those socks. *sigh* Stupid yarn diet.

  17. 10 pairs in 2007?! I’m impressed. I’ve still got a half finished pair from ’06 hanging around the condo somewhere. Those are definitely smiling socks.

  18. Lovely socks! Someone is lucky. Ten pairs? You are way more productive than I am. After I finish Kay’s (about five rows to go) I think I’m going to blow through a pair or two of Magic 28s, just so I can feel like I’m getting something done.

  19. They are very nice socks and appropriately named! Congratulations on producing so many socks already this year.

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