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Mad Weave Socks

I finished the Mad Weave Socks from Sock Madness Round Four. I may be out of the competition but I’m still taking advantage of the wonderful patterns for each round. And speaking of these wonderful patterns, several of you have asked about obtaining them for your own selves. You can get pattern one here, pattern two here and pattern three here. I will keep you informed as other patterns become available, I promise.


Without further ado, here are my finished Mad Weave Socks. I love them! I modified the pattern slightly – I can do that now that I’m not an official competitor – and just did ribbing on the sides of the leg and foot rather than a long line of cabley type twists. I really thought that took away from the woven stitch detail, plus it was a PITA. I also did my standard heel flap rather than the eye of partridge heel the pattern suggests.



The yarn is Piece of Vermont knit on size 1 Addi Turbos. Jessie’s colors are wonderful. They are subtle and varied and they blend together beautifully. Sometimes these look gray and sometimes blue and mostly lavendar but always yummy.


I’m skipping the Round 5 pattern as I’m not that crazy about it but Round 6 will be released on Friday and I’m hoping it will be something fun.


What am I saying? It’s sock knitting. Of course it will be fun.

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  1. Wow! They look absolutely fantastic – wonderful combination of the pattern and Jessie’s yarn/color sense. Beautiful!!

  2. They are almost too beautiful to wear. I guess socks in a shadowbox frame is an unreasonable idea 😉

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