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July the 4th


took this photo last time she visited. I love it but you can see that our garage sure does need a paint job. How about if I tell you that we’re going for that shabby chic look? Heh.

Anyway, whether you’re off to a parade, a cook out, a concert, a fireworks show, or just hanging out at home, have a wonderful Independence Day.

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  1. Have a fun filled day Carole. Oh, our house is shabby chic. That sounds so much nicer than cracked and peeling.

  2. happy 4th — i wouldn’t have taken the picture if the garage had been freshly painted. it wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting.

  3. Your garage has *patina*, which, if you scraped it off and repainted, would reduce its value by 90%. Or so they say on Antiques Roadshow.

    Happy 4th!

  4. Hah! What a hoot. I just saw Dale on the news. Such a surprise! Looks like you had a good 4th. Too bad it is over already and we have to go back to work tomorrow. Tell Dale he sounded great!


  5. Consider the garage “rustic” – it gives the photo much more interest and character that it would’ve had if the garage was freshly painted. I love the term that Beth used, “New Englandy”. Maybe that’s how I’ll refer to out house…LOL

    Hope you had a great day and that the rain didn’t spoil anything for you folks!

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