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A Wish and a Prayer

On Saturday Dale and I had the privilege of attending a going-away party for Blogless Sharon’s son Edward. Ed is in the National Guard and he’s being deployed to Iraq at the end of the week. Well, technically, he’s got training and things for a while and then he’s being sent to Iraq. But still, off he goes. He used to be regular army and he’s been in situations like this before, including both Afghanistan and Iraq. You can hear the excitement in his voice and there’s a light in his eyes at the thought of a new adventure.

And that’s great. I’m glad he enjoys his work. But I look at his wife and daughters and I feel sad. Ed’s girls are so young and he will miss a whole year of their lives. His marriage will basically be put on hold for a year and things at home will be so different without him there. His wife will care for their home and their daughters. She will look out for the dog and take the girls to school and clean the house. She will cook and socialize and spend time with her friends. But she won’t be with her husband while she does those things.

I’ll tell you, I could never make it as an army wife. The loneliness would ruin me.

There was no loneliness Saturday, though. The party was a lot of fun for kids, dogs, grown ups and even bunnies.

This is Ed and his dog, Maximus. And Maximus came from Dave Paul. Sharon went to buy a spinning wheel and came home with a puppy.

The food was awesome and everything really looked pretty.

Look at the grin on Blogless Sharon’s face. She’s surrounded by kids and her bunny. No wonder she’s smiling!

One of Ed’s friends found several 4 leaf clovers. I’m taking that as a good omen.

We had a great time at the party and were glad for the chance to give Ed and some of the other guys in his unit our wishes for a safe journey. I don’t believe in this war but I do believe in American families so I ask you to keep Ed and his family and all the other soldiers, including Sharon and Al’s youngest son Evan who is already serving in Iraq, and their families in your thoughts. Let’s get them all home safe.

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  1. I’ll definitely keep Sharon’s Edward in my thoughts and prayers for a safe return home. I couldn’t be an army wife either – what a tough row to hoe, as we say in the South.

  2. Prayers for him and his family. A guy in my office is in Afghanistan…we sure miss him as does his wife who calls the office once in awhile just to chat.

  3. Warmest wishes for a safe return for Ed.

    And I agree with you wholeheartedly, Carole…I do not support this war, but I do support the soldiers. I hope they are all home quickly and safely so that they can be with their families.

  4. Safe returns for Ed…
    I have a hard time when Dan’s away for a boys’ weekend… I can’t imagine a year.

  5. I think that the majority of citizens no longer support this war, but I think it is our moral responsibility to fully support our young men and woman who are willing to defend our country. My heart is with Sharon and his family.

    The littlest granddaughter in the picture with Sharon (the one in the blue) is THE image of Sharon!!

    Give her my best and a hug!

  6. My cousin in soon to be on his way home from his third tour in Iraq. I can relate. God bless our soldiers.

  7. War sucks, soldiers RULE! Take care Ed, we’ll all be thinking of you and thanking you for all you do! Come home to your beautiful family soon!

  8. Sounds like a good send off. I’m with you – I don’t believe in the war, but the soldiers and their families are at the whim of those more powerful…

  9. May the good of 4 leaf clovers surround Ed, his wife and daughters, and all of the other military families. I’m with you – support the people, not this war.

  10. Bless his heart! You bet that I will add him to the list of soldiers I am praying for.

    Happy 4th of July!

  11. My sentiments exactly! I manage intervals of a few weeks at a time when Glenn is gone on fires, but I can’t imagine a whole year. It is a big sacrifice for the entire family, and countless other families to be making right now.

  12. I wish Ed and all of our soldiers a safe return. I’m with you though and I’d make a lousy military wife. My brother in law is Navy and he used to go away on Subs for months at a time. I don’t know how my sister does it.

  13. I can’t even begin to imagine the sacrifices this family and others have to make. I admire and respect them so much. We will definitely keep them in our prayers.

  14. As someone who has lost a friend from high school in this war, I wish Ed, Evan, and everyone else nothing but the best. Praying for their safe deployment and safe return. I’m also praying for an end to the whole thing.

  15. Godspeed for a safe return to both Ed and Evan. Hugs to their families for the upcoming year fraught with worry and uncertainty.

  16. I can tell you first hand that being an Army wife can be downright brutal. But we’re here to support our husbands, even if we don’t support the war. My thoughts go out to Ed and his family, because I know how hard it is.

  17. Best wishes to Ed and all men and women serving away from home for our Country – to come home safe and healthy to spouses and families and children who have open arms and open hearts and open minds ready to reunite as a happy family. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to carry on a marriage that way. Don’t forget she’s also paying the bills. She’s virtually a single parent and that is so so so darn hard.

  18. i believe in all families american and otherwise, so although i’m not the praying kind, i will wish fervently for ed’s, his brother’s and everyone else’s safe return.

  19. I never put it all together. Sharon’s family got Maximus. I saw the pictures of him at the beach. What a good family. I’ll keep them in my thoughts.

  20. Reading this post leaves a heaviness on my heart for Ed’s family. I LOVE that he chose to do a job not everyone could do, but I also deeply respect Sharon for being a military wife. I couldn’t do it. As it is, when my husband is out of town even overnight, I’m completely miserable.

    My thoughts & prayers are with Ed’s entire family and also for the day when this stupid war has ended and all our troops are home where they should be!

  21. May God bless them all. Please tell blogless Sharon of my great appreciation for her sons’ service to our country. Her sacrifices have been many too, I’m sure.

  22. Godspeed to Ed, Evan and every other husband/wife, daughter/son and other American loved one over there.

  23. I hope the year goes fast and he’s back home with his family, maybe sooner than a year. I feel the same way you do about the way Carole. We must support the people defending us though. So like you I support the troops 100%. My son spent a year over there. So I can relate a bit. As many other people you probably know can as well. My prayers will be with Blogless Sharon, Ed, and everyone else.

  24. What a great photo of Sharon. I couldn’t be an army wife, either, I stink at long distances. Warm wishes that Ed returns safely!

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