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Tour de Fleece – Results!

The Tour de Fleece was so much fun for me! I spun every day, sometimes a lot and sometimes only a little, but I spun every single day of the tour. Now granted, I spin most days anyway, even if it’s for a few minutes, but thoughts of the Tour really motivated me to fit in more spinning time every day.

So, you’re anxious to know how much I spun, right? Because today is the day we all find out who won the Tour de Fleece contest.

First up:
3.7 oz BFL Vesper Roving from Knitterly Things

2.1 oz merino/tussah from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks

And then:
8 oz merino from someone at NHSW

After that:
5.7 oz good ole wool from Pippi Knee Socks

3.9 oz CVM from Spirit Trail Fiberworks

1.0 oz BFL & Angelina Fiber from Foxfire Fiber

Did you do the math in your head? It comes to 24.4 oz and that means our winner is Kat because she guessed 24.2 oz and that was the closest guess without going over. Congratulations, Kat and let’s hear it for all the losers, too!

Thanks to all of you for playing along with this. I spun my little heart out and had a great time doing it. And I made a serious dent in my fiber drawer which is a really good thing since the fall fiber season is right around the corner. And now, I have a lot of plying to do!

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  1. You’re just a regular yarn shop over there! They’re beautiful! Congrats to the winner! I wonder if I go to work today & announce a hiphiphorray I’m a loser!, if they’ll think I’m a little off? 😉 I’m going for it!

  2. Way to go! I was thinking as I’m reading…grrl, you gotta lot of plying to do and then you say just that at the end. You’re going to have a lot of beautiful yarn to show for it.
    Oh, and me? I dropped out the first day…yuppers, the first day…bleh.

  3. Very pretty results! Twenty-four-point-four oz. is very impressive! If you need to restock that fiber drawer, I noticed that Pigeonroof Studios updated her Etsy shop this morning! 🙂

  4. Congratulations to Kat!
    Way to go Carole…love ALL the colors! I’m a big loser, I spun up only about 4 ozs during the Tour de Fleece…what’s my excuse? Blood doping?

  5. That’s exactly one half of what I guessed. Great job spinning-lovely bright colors! Get thee to plying! 🙂 Love the Pippi yarn btw.

  6. Lovely, lovely spinning! Me? I fell flat on my face for the whole tour, spun only about 4 times. The day the Tour started, I drove to Rochester, NY and completely forgot to pack my spinning stuff in the frenzy to pack all the dog stuff. Sigh.

  7. It’s all so pretty – it makes me forget that I didn’t even come close to the correct guess! COngratulations – and can we assume there was no “doping” to accomplish all your beautiful spinning?

  8. Yay for Carole! Yay for me! Woot! Fibery prize! And I just organized the worsted part of my stash last night. (gotta buy some more Rubbermaid storage boxes today)

    Thanks, Carole, and that is some awesome spinning you did!

  9. Nice job, Carole! That’s a pound and a half of fiber, I think… pretty impressive! 🙂

    I love the merino/tussah. Sigh!…

  10. Thanks some AWESOME spinning! Next year I’ve got to pay closer attention to get in on this. 2007 is my Year of Spinning. 🙂 Congrats on cleaning out a little of your fiber stash. (Because I KNOW you got lots more left.)

  11. No idea who dyed the NHSW merino, eh? Pretty stuff. Do you know the name of the colourway for the Chasing Rainbows merino/tussah? My best friend would like that especially.

    That’s going to be a big basket of glorious plied skeins. Wonderful!

  12. That *is* a lot of plying to do! But it’s all so pretty. You’re going to have some great new yarn. 🙂

    Congrats to Kat too!

  13. Gorgeous stuff! I really need to make a goal to spin at least a little every day. It would certainly help with my consistency, I know!

  14. Wow, what fun! You probably outspun me by three to one, even though I spun almost every day… I did ply-as-you-go; does that count for double? Hee, hee, I liked the comment about having your own little yarn shop.

  15. I couldn’t pick a favorite color of spun gold (because that is what it is to me, GOLD) if you paid me. I love them all so much, Carole! You have a wonderful eye for color!
    Have fun on the ply!

  16. Great job, Carole! You met your goal. I did too – I spun every day, some days more than others.

    Seriously in love with that merino/tussah from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks and the merino from NHSW. Seriously.

  17. I think I totally spaced that contest, along with a lot of other things. In any case, the yarn is gorgeous… can’t wait to see it plied.

  18. I was close! I think I guessed 24 ounces, because that seemed reasonable. That was my goal, too, but I failed miserably. Well done on your end, though!

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