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Ten On Tuesday

This week’s 10 on Tuesday topic is 10 Things You Can See From Your Favorite Knitting Spot. My favorite knitting spot is the left hand corner of my couch and I’m sitting right there as I write this post. Here’s what I can see:

  1. The TV. It’s directly opposite from where I sit and right now it’s playing the credits from the movie Tree of Life. That is one effed up movie, my friends.
  2. The woodstove. It’s to my left and it’s keeping me warm and cozy.
  3. Family photos. I have 4 shelves of them and they really need to be updated but I can’t bring myself to take down the ones of Brant & Heather’s wedding, my grad school graduation photo, and so many others that are part of our family’s history.
  4. The cat. Mason is lying in front of the woodstove. Shocking, I know.
  5. The dining room. I love it since we redid it and looking in there makes me happy.
  6. A tiny slice of the kitchen and a tiny slice of the bathroom. They are yellow and orange respectively and I love the shot of color they provide.
  7. My knitting basket. It’s under the coffee table and it holds needles, patterns, many JessaLu box bags, and all my knitting notions.
  8. A finished pair of socks. They are waiting to be photographed and you’ll probably see them here by the end of the week.
  9. My Schacht Matchless. It is waiting patiently for my attention.
  10. A burning Yankee candle. The scent is Red Apple Wreath and I’m loving it.
There are lots of other things I see but I had fun choosing which ones I would share with all of you.

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  1. I have fond memories of sitting in that spot and knitting with you! The tuna sandwich we had that day was one of the best ever You have a lovely, cozy home, but best of all it has you inside.

  2. It looks so cozy! My favorite spot is at the right end of my couch. So if we ever happen to get together to knit, we’ll be okay. 🙂

  3. A lovely view, indeed. My favorite spot is in the passenger side of the car on road trips and my husband laughs at the fact that I don’t look often at the view. Your view is inviting; thanks for sharing it!

  4. Great topic. And if your kitty is at all like ours were, that would be a near permanent fixture during cold weather season. =^^=

  5. You have a nice cozy spot to knit. My view would be pretty much the same – including the cat and the woodstove. And the occasional dog in front of it too. My stove usually has my socks hanging to dry. And there is ALWAYS a Yankee Candle burning somewhere 🙂

  6. What are those things lined up under the TV? I’ve enlarge the pic about 5X, but I still can’t tell.

  7. It looks so cosy and inviting. I’ll grab my knitting bag and be right over (who cares about being approximately 1,000 miles away). Happy Tuesday!

  8. love your cat and your candle scent choice. I know Grace from Lovin Comfort played your TEN today. I’ enjoy reading all the others you list as participants on tuesdays too Carole.

  9. What a fun list. It is nice to see what other people seeing when they knit. I visited the JessaLu bag page, very nice! Also, we have a siamese cat that allows us to live in the house.

  10. I too sit in the livingroom. I sit on the loveseat and can see my kitchen (and the washer and dryer), the second couch where my husband sits, the TV, the treadmill, Victor (the dog), his crate, toys and food stuff, the cat post, a pair of computers, a stained glass piece my mother made, and a Japanese print. Yours definitely looks neater than mine. I cannot begin to keep up with the fur my little animals shed on a daily basis!

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