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Where’s Mason?

You’re all familiar with Where’s Waldo, right? Well, the other day I walked into the kitchen and I looked at the scene on the sill of my bay window and decided it looked an awful lot like something out of a Where’s Waldo book. Except in this case, it would be called Where’s Mason.

wheres mason 1 for carole knits

Can you see him there, between the turban squash and the candles?

wheres mason 2 for carole knits

Want a closer look?

wheres mason 3 for carole knits

He’s hiding behind the squashes but he’s there!

theres mason for carole knits

See? I told ya.

Playing Where’s Mason is way more fun than playing Where’s Waldo.




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  1. Gotta love cats! They find the most unusual places to nap. My fondest memory of Max the cat was him sleeping on a doll spool bed. So cute!

  2. Kitties and even small doggies just seem to gravitate toward small cozy spaces. Is it about comfort or showing off their beautiful selves!

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