A Month of Photos: December 2013

And so, before we get any further into the new year, here are my photos from the month of December.

December Mosaic

Lots of twinkle lights, lots of cooking and entertaining and boozing it up. And a wedding, too. It was a lovely month, really, and the finale – two weeks off from work – made it even lovelier. This post brings my Project 365 for 2013 to a conclusion. Should you wish to see the entire set on flickr, please click here.

And now, it’s a new year and I’ve got a new camera and that means there will indeed be Project 365 for 2014. Hooray!


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  1. says

    You are so disciplined about your daily photos. I love the way you put them into mosaics to remember them all. Enjoy the new camera. I’m afraid I’m still the simple point and shoot grrl.

  2. Debshepknits says

    Happy New Year! I like the new layout on your blog — it is much easier to open. Looking forward to more photos this year.

  3. says

    Congrats on the new camera! You are going to LOVE the wifi feature. That’s one thing I miss on my new DSLR. I have to check out that Project 365 now since I have trying to take more pictures.

  4. says

    Beautiful photos, as always. I am so excited to see the products of your new camera! (Your photography always inspires me.)

  5. Jo says

    It’s such a relief to hear and see that you’re still boozing it up! i think I’ve said this before, but the cardinal is one of my favorites–I wish they would hurry up in expanding their territory to Colorado! 2014 promises to be a great yeat!

  6. says

    I think I missed telling you Happy New Year. Consider yourself greeted!
    We are thinking of getting a DSLR. Gonna study on the description of your new camera. We have an old SLR but haven’t used it for years. Hope it is like riding a bike. You never forget. :)

  7. LindaM says

    Oh, a full-frame!!!! I’m jonesin’ for that camera!!! Been a ‘Canon’ girl since ’76 when I got my first SLR for college graduation… I’m on my second Canon DSLR but still couldn’t quite justify the full-frame… When my dd graduates from college, it just might be MY graduation present! :-)

    Beautiful photos. And STILL love your blog! Happy New Year!