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One Little Word Update: Delight, March 2024

The prompt for the month of March over at Ali Edwards was to choose something you wanted to do every day. And I chose to take a photo . . . something that represented delight whenever possible . . . in the hopes of re-establishing my photo a day habit. I managed to take a photo every day and some are better than others but all are representative of my life last month.

I used Canva (always a learning curve) to make collages and here they are:

A few selfies. Plenty of cats. Some flowers. Too much food. But all spark memories and moments of delight.

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  1. Great way to tackle the month of March where it can sometimes feel like winter will never leave. Those cheery yellow pillows are perfect for while we’re waiting for more sunshine.

  2. I am very impressed with your Canva skills! I love the collages! A month of delight looks like a winning month to me! XO

  3. What a beautiful selection of photos – I love your selfies, I love the food, and of course I love Fred & George. A lovely collage Carole!

  4. I think you must lead a naturally delightful life, Carole — flowers, kitties, yummy food, good times with family, reading good books. All looks wonderful to me!

  5. It’s great to see so many photos! The daily habit is a good one – love seeing so much of YOU, the cats, the season, and the food!

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