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One Little Word Update: Delight, February 2024

It’s the end of February and that means it’s time for an update on my search for delight. First up . . . this month’s selfie:

That was a good hair day.

Next up . . . a list of things that brought me delight this month:

  • bluebirds at the Bird Buddy
  • hellebore buds & daffodil shoots
  • lazy mornings reading in bed
  • getting a massage
  • playing Animal Crossings with Jackie (he has his own Nintendo Switch now)
  • the antics of Fred & George
  • hanging out in my studio

Finally, my Delight Manifesto. Writing a personal manifesto was part of the Ali Edward’s prompt for the month but I already have one of those and I don’t think I need a new one. (To prove my point, I actually tried writing a new one without re-reading the one I wrote last year and it’s practically identical.) So, I wrote one with the intention of helping me stay focused on my OLW:

Month 2 with Delight has been . . . delightful. I’m feeling very glad that I chose this word.

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  1. Your list of things that brought you delight would also be delightful to/for me! I saw our first redwinged blackbirds in our yard on Sunday – Spring is definitely on the way! Delight seems to be the perfect word for you Carole.

  2. I like your mini-manifesto! I saw Red Wing Blackbirds too… I was so happy to see them back! 🙂 Spring is absolutely easing in!

  3. Sounds like you found a good amount of delight in February. What a strong finish to the darkest months.

  4. Thanks for sharing your delight! And if you ever figure out what makes a good hair day, please let me know. I had one last week but haven’t been able to repeat it since.

  5. Love your mini-manifesto, Carole. It’s ideal . . . something you can hold close all year long! (And take delight in . . . ) No red-wing blackbirds here yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time! XO

  6. That mini-manifesto is great — think how much happier so many people would be if we all committed to finding and enjoying delight!

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