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One Little Word Update: Delight, Jan 2024

I had a really great month getting to know my One Little Word, Delight. I started off strong with the monthly prompt from Ali Edwards because I think her January pages are the perfect way to really think about a new word, to get expectations down on paper, and to invite the word to come into your life. They also provide a great touchstone for the rest of the year and I go back and read the often.

I am not working with a dedicated One Little Word journal this year, I am just adding the prompts and photos (and whatever else comes up) right into my regular Studio Oh journal. This is something new that I’m trying this year and I think it’s going to work out well. This journal is accessible (it’s always either right on my kitchen table or on my desk in my studio), it’s the right size for the print outs from Ali Edwards, and it’s my go-to format. I like the idea of incorporating these pages into the journal I use regularly. It’s where I record my deepest thoughts, it’s where I make lists and plans, and it’s where I save mementos. It’s unstructured and undated and I just flow from one to the next when it gets filled up.

I recorded a “daily delight” for every day in January in my Hobonichi weeks journal and I enjoyed it but I will not be continuing with that practice. It started to feel a little forced . . . like maybe there isn’t something of delight in my life every day and I’m trying to create it when it’s not there. I will still be looking for delight on a daily basis but I will be more judicious with acknowledging what is truly delightful rather than just recording something that made me smile.

I added a selfie to my pages and I used my Canon Ivy printer to create a sticker of the photo so that I could slap it right into my journal pages. I also used it to print out my delight logo and added that to my page of intentions. I love this printer so much for adding photos to my journal, it’s fast and easy to use and really helps me to personalize things.

So I’m here to say that I’m feeling good about delight. I’ve got a solid foundation for recording my journey with it. I’ve got some thoughts on what delight feels like. And I’ve got some ideas of ways to lean into it as I go forward.

All of which is to say . . . I expect a curve ball at any moment!

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  1. I love all.of.this. Carole! I love the idea of having my word journal at hand… and making it part of your daily journal makes it even more convenient! (I am going to add my book to my planer, thank you for this inspiration!)

    May the curve ball miss you entirely as you spend your year with delight! XOXO

  2. I was reading your post thinking this is all so nice and “delight” is such a good word for you and you’ve found delight everywhere…and then your last sentence! As Kat says, may the curve ball miss you completely! BTW, that is a fabulous selfie picture!

  3. What a great start, Carole! There have been many years when I’ve just incorporated the/any “word” prompt-y stuff right into the pages of my “regular” journal. I think it works really well – and just gets rid of any extra barriers of having a whole, other, separate journal to keep up. (Because who needs barriers?) I’m really intrigued with your sticker-printer. (Tell me more. . . ) XO

  4. I think keeping an eye out for delight is always a good idea, but as you’ve discovered, it’s much better when it happens organically. I hope you find a lot of it in the coming month, even when you aren’t going out of your way to look for it. Here’s hoping there are no curve balls ahead!

  5. I hope your journey shows you a lot of things to feel delightful about, Carole. That’s a really great word for your OLW. Delight can slip right by if you aren’t paying attention, and it definitely worth noting, even if fleeting.

  6. I hope that curve ball doesn’t materialize, unless it’s part of a fun snowball fight, followed by hot chocolate and a fire. and Carole – that little printer is SO COOL. I had no idea such a thing existed!!

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