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A Day At The Faire

At least once every fall Dale and I spend at day at King Richard’s Faire. It makes for a day of merriment, fun, beer and laughs. This past weekend we went for the 2nd time and we brought our friends Tom & Anne with us.

krf parade for carole knits

We enjoyed the parade.

king and queen for carole knits

queen mum for carole knits

This is actually one of my favorite parts of the day. I love to see the King and Queen and all of their court, along with many of the merchants, parade through the site.

anne dancing for carole knits

We enjoyed the bagpipes and drums. And Anne enjoyed dancing with them.

dale tom and bellydancers for carole knits

Tom and Dale truly enjoyed the belly dancers. Ahem. Seriously, those women are talented and strong and very entertaining to watch.

We enjoyed shopping and people-watching and drinking beer. Lots of beer.

tom portajohns for carole knits

That, of course, led to something we didn’t enjoy so much. The portajohns. An evil necessity of ever there was one.

dale and carole krf 2014 for carole knits

We enjoyed and enjoyed and enjoyed. And then we went to Tom and Anne’s house to soak in their new hot tub – a truly fabulous way to end our day at the faire.

The end.


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  1. You look so pretty and the faire looks like a blast! We went to one years and years ago in CA and your faire looks much the same. They people of the court lived there for almost the whole summer and had weekend visitors. It was a colony much like in Elizabethan times!

  2. SO FUN!!!! (Love your dress. It is FAB.) And . . . the porta-potties probably beat the (crap!) out of the King Richard’s “privvies!”

  3. Your costume is very wenchly! Still trying to get my husband into a Utilikilt. A hopeless cause which is a shame because he has very shapely limbs.

  4. Seriously – the people watching is the best! I’m glad you all enjoyed yourselves. And it was such a lovely day too.

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