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Hoping For Spring

Something that makes me happy but that I didn’t list yesterday is house plants. When everything outside is brown and dreary, having some bright green inside can make such a difference.

english primrose for carole knits
Last week English Primrose plants were on sale at my grocery store. I bought two and I brought them home and replanted then in the pot that my dud of an Amaryllis had previously occupied. Getting my hands in the dirt and working with these little plants made me feel hopeful and happy. And those little yellow flowers are so cheerful that I can’t help but smile when I look at them.

Spring will come again, in the meantime I’m pretending it’s already here.

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  1. Bringing Spring indoors is a lovely idea at this time of year, with the added benefit that you can plant your primroses outside when Spring arrives!

  2. The reason I bought my amaryllis was to bring bright and beautiful color into the dreary month. Great minds! I need to look for some primroses as they last and last and are full of color and cheer. Yay, spring!!

  3. I bring fresh flowers home every week with the groceries…nothing fancy but always cheerful! Even a little sprig of something green from my yard makes me smile…it doesn’t take much to make me happy but little things count a lot!

  4. I love primroses… sadly have seen none (in real life anyway!) this year. you’ve prompted me to seek them out. I have a sunny spot or two where I’ll bet they’d thrive!

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