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Ten On Tuesday

I did some great stuff in November and I’m sort of hoping all of the Ten On Tuesday participants did, too, because today, since it’s December 1st, our topic is the 10 Best Things I Did in November.

morning glow for carole knits

  1. Went to Vegas to celebrate my 50th birthday with Doreen and Jo-Ann.
  2. Ate an incredible dinner at Nobu.
  3. Got a tattoo. (I still owe you that story.)
  4. Met Donny Osmond.
  5. Rode a 550 foot tall observation wheel.
  6. Sat by a pool and drank a Bloody Mary.
  7. Had not one but two fabulous Thanksgiving dinners.
  8. Got my house ready for Christmas and got a good chunk of the Christmas shopping done.
  9. Drove the Mustang with the top down.
  10. Enjoyed my life. Sure there was some big stuff like that trip and all that went with it but the most important, truly best thing I did was be happy in the moment, wherever that moment happened to be and whatever I happened to be doing.

How about you? I hope you had a good November and I hope you’ll tell us all about it. Please add a link to your post below and sign up for the Ten On Tuesday weekly email here.

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  1. Those are some pretty great things! Vegas is a big one, and finishing a good chunk of Christmas shopping may be even bigger!

  2. You really had an awesome month! November was a really big month for me, too. No Donny Osmond, though. And no Bloody Marys by the pool.

  3. You had a simply fantastic month! And bravo to you for making 50 so Fabulous! I did not have a Vegas trip to celebrate my 5oth, but 50 was a very good year for me! Here’s to vibrant, amazing, beautiful, midlife women!!

  4. I love, love your words in number ten! Big stuff is fun! It can be really, really fun and awesomely great! Yet, all the simple, daily details and choosing gratitude in them weave a beautiful fabric for our lives!

    Happy December!

  5. Sounds like a perfect month to me! (Minus the tattoo. I can’t bring myself to get inked – it’s all too permanent and possibly painful.)

  6. That’s a pretty great list for ANY month! Top-down in November is awesome (I was still wearing sandals in the early part of the month!).

  7. Thanks again for another great topic…and belated Happy Birthday! Somehow I missed that your Vegas trip was to celebrate another year! Here’s to many more!


  8. Thanks to you for staying committed to NaBloPoMo. I so enjoy reading the daily posts and see the work and planning that go into them.

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