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Ten On Tuesday

I hear a lot of people complain about how busy they are this time of year. And I get it – I’ve got a lengthy to-do list myself. But. There are so many wonderful things about the holidays and today I want to focus on that. Our topic for Ten on Tuesday is 10 Things You Truly Enjoy About the Holiday Season.

red ornament bokeh for carole knits

  1. The lights. I love them in the windows and over the mantel and around the doorways. Plus, they make for great bokeh photographs.
  2. The music. I have a really large Christmas playlist and then I have a smaller playlist of stuff that I especially love.
  3. The decorations. I love simple wreaths in the windows and shiny vintage ornaments in a cranberry crate and so much more.
  4. The entertaining. I truly enjoy welcoming our friends and family to our home this time of year, whether it’s a simple get together to watch the football game or our big Christmas Eve party or anything in between. To me those kinds of gatherings are what make the holidays really special.
  5. Swedish meatballs. We tend to only eat them during the holidays so they are a real treat.
  6. Designing our annual Christmas card. For the past few years I have taken a photo of Dale and I for our card and I love sending those out and getting such great reactions from our friends and family when they receive them.
  7. Giving the perfect gift. I’m not a fan of shopping (keep me away from the mall!) but I do love finding and giving a gift that I know someone will be extra excited about.
  8. Christmas movies. My favorite is Love Actually but I also enjoy watching so many others, from the silly to the sentimental.
  9. Giving away Christmas cookies. Please note I didn’t say making them. Of course, I have to make them to give them away and, it’s not that I mind making them it’s just that I love the moment when I give someone a bag of home baked cookies and wish them a Merry Christmas. This year I have plans to get together and bake cookies with Doreen and I have a feeling that’s going to be a fantastic day.
  10. Christmas dinner at Dale’s brother’s house. It’s something we’ve done the last few years and it’s a wonderful time of relaxation and good food, family and friends, all in a cozy and wonderful log cabin.

I hope reading this list has inspired you to think about the things about the holiday season that you enjoy. Be sure and share a link to your blog post below if you wrote one. And click here to sign up for the weekly Ten On Tuesday email.

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  1. Swedish meatballs and Love Actually! Just last weekend an acquaintance gave me a long discourse on why Love Actually is an inane and terrible movie. This told me a lot about that acquaintance! I’m looking forward to seeing more bokeh photos over the next few weeks.

  2. Such a perfect topic — because it’s so easy to forget the GOOD stuff in the press of the ToDo list. And there is an awfully lot of GOOD stuff! XO

  3. I agree with you that although it is a busy time, there are so many good and special things about the holidays! I too, want to focus on what I enjoy instead of getting stressed. And I never do everything I’d like to. There isn’t enough time. It’s better to let some things go and really enjoy the things I do do! 🙂

  4. A delightful list…a delightful prompt…thanks for prompting us all to pause and focus on the joy in the midst of the hustle & bustle!!

  5. Carole, I love this topic…and your list – I wish we had a swedish meatball tradition in our family! I have a pretty high level of Christmas Spirit already, and I know as I read today’s lists that’s only gonna rise. Thank you!

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