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Ten On Tuesday

It’s crunch time, my friends, when it comes to shopping for Christmas. And if you’re like me the last place you want to go is the mall. Oh, the traffic and the lines and the overheated interior. ::::shudder::::

tin snowflake for carole knits

So, what can you do to avoid that? How about getting gifts at a store you have to go to anyway? Today’s Ten On Tuesday topic is: 10 Gifts You Can Pick Up At Your Grocery Store

  1. Wine. Easy peasy and the perfect gift for many of us.
  2. Craft beer. For those who don’t drink wine.
  3. Flowers or a plant. Something seasonal would be nice but anything that brings a bit of green indoors in the winter would be welcome.
  4. Fancy  cheese. You know the stuff – splurge a little and get some nice crackers to go along with it and maybe a bit of salami, too.
  5. Fruit. There are fruit platters all made up for you or you could do it your own way and buy some pretty pomegranates and pears and oranges.
  6. Coffee or tea. My grocery store sells Dunkin’ Donuts coffee as well as a great selection of other gourmet coffees, specialty teas, and K-cups.
  7. Unique jams and jellies. Stonewall Kitchen is great for this but you might have other locally sourced things that would be even better.
  8. Hand Lotion. Burt’s Bees is carried at many stores and you might find some specialty lotions as well.
  9. Candy. There’s the standard stuff like Hershey Miniatures but there’s also some great candy available right now.
  10. Gift Cards. Sure, it’s an easy way out but for some people it’s the perfect gift. So many stores now sell gift cards for lots of other stores, too. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

I hope this helped with any shopping needs you have left. I’m almost done, I’m almost done . . .

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  1. I have a feeling today’s posts are going to leave me feeling quite jealous about folks who have grocery stores that sell all kinds of cool stuff. I think most of the stuff on my list would quite obviously appear to have been purchased from the grocery store, but there are things on your list that would not give their grocery store origin away.

  2. GMTA on lists! And I am almost done too, it is just one more day with Netflix and knitting and I will be done! (At least with the last minute ship out gifts!)

  3. I have several similar items on my list! 🙂

    I did not think of a plant or fresh flowers!! Which is silly because I love fresh flowers and would always have them in the house if I could. And I love poinsettias!

  4. Oh, and my sister came out over Thanksgiving and she brought some craft stuff and we spent a couple of evenings crafting. She brought some metal ornaments just like the one in your picture. We added glitter and used a paint pen and detailed them. Our kids had fun doing them too.

  5. No wine, no craft beer…this is Utah after all. BUT, we have plenty of other options. The grocery store is a great way out of a gift bind.

  6. I enjoyed this topic… never really thought too hard about it before! I have a trip to the dreaded mall in store today… luckily, on a day and at a time of day when I should be OK! (Let’s hope…)

  7. I did all of my shopping this year online. So much easier and less stressful. I will finish up with some small, local things found here in town.

    How did it get to be Christmas time already??

  8. You know, it’s surprisingly easy to do your gift shopping at the grocery store these days! It’s kinda strange that we don’t think about that more often…

  9. It is amazing what our local grocery stores sell. The items y’all have included on this week’s lists are all gift-worthy – and yay for not having to go to the mall. (now if only we could buy yarn, like Marc tells me you can at grocery stores in Germany!)

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