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Ten On Tuesday

It’s crunch time, friends, for those that celebrate Christmas. I am busy preparing for our annual Christmas Eve bash, figuring out what we are eating on Christmas day, and, truly looking forward to being with our family and friends. But, if you want to know the truth, I’m also really looking forward to Saturday. And next week. I’m on vacation, Dale is on Christmas break from school, and it will be relaxation city around here. Here are the 10 Things I Am Looking Forward to Doing After The Holiday Rush.

poinsettia and lights for carole knits

  1. Nothing at all. Can I just write this 10 times? No? Okay.
  2. Reading. I am working my way through A Little Life and it’s looooooong. And good. But long and I haven’t had much reading time over the last week or so and I’m itching to spend some quality time with this book.
  3. Knitting. The plan is to finish up any unfinished knitting projects by 12/31. Which is technically only a pair of socks since that Scoreboard KAL can’t be finished until the Pats football season ends. So. Yeah. I’m looking forward to finishing socks.
  4. Catching up on Homeland. We haven’t watched the last 3 episodes yet.
  5. Playing Auld Lang Syne. It just doesn’t seem right to listen to that until after Christmas.
  6. Watching football with Doreen & Mark. We are headed to their house on Sunday afternoon and I am really excited about just sitting around, eating chili and drinking beer and watching football with these guys.
  7. Going to the movies. On the short list: In the Heart of the Sea and Spotlight.
  8. Lunch with Jo-Ann. We have a date scheduled for next week and I’m so excited about it.
  9. Sleeping until I wake up. No early alarms for Dale means no early alarms for me, too. Hooray.
  10. Cleaning out/reorganizing a couple of cabinets. I am ready to start the new year with less clutter.

It’s a hectic time of year but I hope you have time to write a blog post for today. Be sure and include it below and, if you want to sign up for the weekly Ten On Tuesday email just click here.

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  1. I just love that week between Christmas and New Years Day! So much open time . . . just unrolling before you. . . Such a lovely thing!

  2. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about A Little Life. Based on many of the reviews it sounds like a fairly intense book. Hope you have a relaxing week of doing nothing!

  3. I need to watch Homeland. I just got Showtime and need to binge watch it!

    Your list is wonderful. Have a very happy Christmas! Thank you for hostng weekly. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great plan for a more relaxing week! (Note to self: Try to take more time off during the holidays.)

    We thought Spotlight was a great movie.

  5. A lovely list of fun & R&R looks to be on tap for you! And a great prompt to power us through to after the holidays, lol. Merry Christmas!

  6. Love the down time list — as if you ever really take down time. I am excited about my brothers being here for Christmas, along with sis who lives here, and watching our beloved Huskers in the Foster Farms bowl game the day after Christmas (Foster Farms bowl, really, okay there’s next year). And, there may actually be snow here! You really got me jazzed thinking of all the things to be excited about!

  7. We saw In the Heart of the Sea last weekend. (That was when I fell and bled buckets.) Smokey, the ex-Navy sailor, loved it; I was meh. Well done, but difficult to understand the dialogue.

  8. I can’t wait to hear what you think of A Little Life-it sounds so dour! I just started Carly Simon’s autobiography, which so far is pretty gripping & juicy. I’m planning on lying around the house & watching Jessica Jones on Netflix.

  9. I love the holidays, but I think many of us try to fit so much into a finite amount of time…and look forward to doing #1 on your list …absolutely nothing! I would just love to put my head on the pillow before 1:00 am one of these nights…and would also love a stormy day next week (rain or snow) to stay in my pajamas all day and have a movie marathon without moving off the couch. We saw Spotlight, btw, and thought it was excellent! I never, ever do nothing…hoping I start a new tradition!

  10. I’m playing catchup … finally my list is done (well except for wrapping Charlie’s gifts which Sara and I will do tomorrow morning) and I’m allowing myself a full hour of Feedly :-). Your list sounds a lot like mine…except I’m hosting my family’s party here on Saturday so the real relaxing won’t start until Saturday evening. I look forward to seeing socks. and another Pats win. Merry Christmas!

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