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Ten On Tuesday

It’s the last Ten on Tuesday of 2015 and I think it’s a great time to reflect back on the things we did this year. Things that made us proud. And you know, some days just getting out of bed is something to make you proud! So, without further delay, here is my list of 10 Things I Did in 2015 That Made Me Feel Proud.


  1. Made some money with my photography business. Not a lot but enough and I had so much fun on every shoot that the money is really just gravy.
  2. Recommitted (again) to exercising regularly. I fell off the bandwagon for part of the year but in December I got serious again and I’m glad to say I’m back on track.
  3. Turned 50. I realize the only part of this that’s an accomplishment is that I kept breathing but that’s kind of a big deal when you think about it. And I guess I’m mostly proud that I turned 50 with a lot of style, a bit of grace, and some pretty spectacular fanfare.
  4. Threw a great graduation party for Hannah. I made her a photo book of photos from graduation and the party for Christmas and she said it was her favorite gift – it brings back great memories of a really special time.
  5. Completed Project 365 for the 6th year in a row. I truly can’t imagine not doing this.
  6. Read 81 books. I suspect this number will grow to 82 or perhaps even 83 before Friday. My goal was to read 52, a book a week, and I surpassed that by quite a bit. I’ll talk more about the books I read in 2015 in another post, I’m sure.
  7. Celebrated 10 years of blogging. It’s almost 11 now and that just blows my mind. I’m so glad I started this and even more glad that I’ve continued it.
  8. Learned to use my iPhone camera. And Instagram. They were goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year and I actually followed through on them. I even went to Vegas with just my iPhone camera and I loved it.
  9. Embraced the word grace as my One Little Word. I kept up with the monthly prompts and I felt like that word really helped me through some rough patches. It was a good choice.
  10. Tried new things. Learned stuff. Took chances. Made mistakes. Moved forward. You know, as one does.

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  1. I’m proud of your longevity — in Project 365, long-term blogging, and turning 50! Those truly are accomplishments, as is everything else on your list. Let’s keep reading and get ready for a great 2016!

  2. What great accomplishments! Especially reading!! Wow, I am stunned. This week has seen me do some “selfish” daytime reading, but usually my reading is at night before bed! Which, unless insomnia is in residence, only results in a page or two being read! Your book total is most impressive! Bravo and Happy New Year!

  3. In a word? Perseverance. In a phrase? Perseverance with grace and style. Sounds like a year well lived. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

  4. So, did you choose a word for next year yet? I am interested in the way the word seems to sort of leave footprints on your year and am thinking of doing this next year. How did you choose your previous words? And: What’s Next?

  5. You certainly know how to keep on truckin’ and I’m very happy to call you friend. I cheated a bit on my ToT, but you know how I am.

  6. You are so accomplished! When I started thinking about this last night, I could only come up with three things…I’m grateful to you for helping me dig in a little more and find the good stuff I did in 2015!!

  7. I turned 50 this year, too, and it was a milestone and a celebration! Congratulations on your reading goals, that’s sure something to be proud of.

  8. I am also glad you are still blogging! I, too, read many books this year and am sort of ashamed/not ashamed that 7 of them were rereading the whole Harry Potter series…. Hey, why not?

  9. Wow! The reading is especially impressive, especially with all the other things you do. Also blessings and good wishes for 2016!

  10. Great Prompt. Think I’ll chime in later in the week! Proud of your INgstagram success! I have to learn. Your photos are always just lovley

  11. Amazing list! Definitely something to be proud of. The blog plus Project 365. I envy your ability to be committed to daily projects. I wish I could find that in myself. Looking forward to hearing about those books. Audio books seem to work best for me right now. Thanks for sharing!

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