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Think Write Thursday/Ten On the Tenth: It’s Fall

Wouldn’t you know that our very first Ten on the Tenth has fallen on a Thursday? So, today is a combined post for both occasions. Some people are going to be writing about the things they enjoy about the current season. And some people are going to be creating a list of 10 things they enjoy about the current season.

I’m still feeling rather deflated and not very creative so, for me, it’s a list of 10 things I enjoy about fall.


  1. Low humidity. I’m a well known lover of summer but even I get tired of the humid days. In the fall around here the humidity is generally low and that’s delightful.
  2. Blue skies. Our skies get so very blue in the fall.
  3. Changing leaves. Of course this has to be on the list. We have oranges and reds and yellows galore and it’s a real treat to just drive around and admire them.
  4. Cranberry harvest. I work in an area that is a huge producer of cranberries and seeing them being harvest is a true fall pleasure.
  5. The return of comfort food. Stews and soups, pot pies, chili, mashed potatoes and biscuits. It’s time for slow braising and all day cooking.
  6. The first fire in the wood stove. By January I’m done with the mess and work but in October and November it’s a cozy and delightful thing to have a fire.
  7. Fall decorations. I have a bunch for Halloween but my Thanksgiving ones are my favorite. I bought a new little wooden sign this year that says Get Your Fat Pats Ready and I just love it.
  8. Fall produce. Apples and pumpkins and pears and all of the delicious and pretty things we do with them.
  9. Handknit season. It’s time to wear them and it’s time to knit new ones. It’s our time, my friends.
  10. Boot weather. I have some new boots this year, as you know, and I do love to wear them. Not as much as flip flops but they run a close second.

So, a list of things I love about fall that was pretty easy to write and fun to think about. It may have even improved my mood a tad.

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  1. It is our time as knitters! I’ve been happily wearing one of my Hitchhikers almost every day and enjoying the feel of wool flowing through my fingers as I knit in the evening. I’ve never seen cranberries harvested and to be able to watch that in person would be a true fall pleasure!

  2. Oh no — woke up today to realize that Tuesday night was not a nightmarish dream after all.

  3. Let’s hear it for lower humidity and better hair days 🙂 Perfect timing, Carole, for a topic that helps us looks around and see the good things – thank you!

  4. Oh yes! Better hair days! Sweaters! Crisp dry air! I’m going to look to nature for comfort while I grieve the loss of values I hold dear. My heart will recover as I know yours will ,too.

  5. You might think I would outgrow this, but fall always feels like a new beginning in the middle of the year. That re-energizes me and I get excited anew about getting some things done. I guess 18 years of school, and two teachers for parents are kind of inescapable. In a good way. We shall not speak of that which follows fall. Nope.

  6. I bought some little booties a few weeks ago and, shallow as it may be, they are giving me great joy! And comfort food… I’ve made chicken soup a couple of times already. Just mentioned on Bonny’s post that it would be a good time to revisit some of the old ToT lists for comfort food & soups/stews! 😉

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