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Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic is to tell us what you do when you find yourself with an abundance of tomatoes because ’tis the season!

Well. Can I just say that an abundance of tomatoes is a very very good problem? Because it is. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing, like a homegrown tomato. I mean, really, there are even songs about the beauty of homegrown tomatoes.

So, when I have too many I focus all of our meals on tomatoes. I make grilled cheese with tomatoes and english muffin pizzas. I make tuna melts with sliced tomatoes and caprese salad – which is a bonus because it also uses up the abundance of basil. I roast tomatoes in the oven and I make BLT sandwiches. I make gazpacho and salsa and tomato jam. And if I still have any left I bring them to work.

This makes me quite popular, I must say.

What do you do when you have an abundance of tomatoes? Share your blog post below and let us know. And, as always, if you wish to play along with Think Write Thursday you can sign up for the weekly topic here.

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  1. Beautiful tomatoes and delicious ways to use them! I love tomatoes so much that I rarely have many extra (even with 18 plants). Zucchini is a different matter!

  2. The classic BLT sandwich is tough to beat. Panzanella is a really spectacular use of those tomatoes though. Oven roasted and into the freezer preserves a taste of summer for winter. And tiny caprese salad skewers are cute and really nice in a Bloody Mary.

  3. I don’t grow tomatoes anymore, but I certainly do seek them out at the farmer’s market and local produce stands! Mmmmm. Such a “problem” to have . . . too many tomatoes!

  4. Cut up fresh tomatoes with some basil and Parmesan over pasta.

    Routetelle is fantastic with fresh tomatoes.

    I use a recipe app on my tablet. I have recipe category titled Tomatoes and any recipe that used Tomatoes is included in that category. It helps during this time of year.

  5. BLTs! We had our first on Tuesday. Most of my extra tomatoes go into Vicki’s sauce. I love having it all winter in soups or sauces.

  6. Either marinara to go in the freezer or roasted with some garlic to put over pasta. I LOVE tomatoes.

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