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Here’s the email that went out this week to the Think Write Thursday subscribers: I’m sure it will come as no surprise to discover that the Think Write Thursday topic for August 31, 2017 is to write a post with the title “Hello, September”. It’s become our little tradition to have this topic at the start of each month and we hope you all have a chance to write a post for this week.

Hello, September. I must admit that I have a slight sense of melancholy when I write those words. It’s not your fault that you escort in the end of summer and I’m trying not to hold it against you, especially since you also escort in many good things. Hannah’s birthday. My birthday. A baby shower.

The biggest thing, though, and probably the thing that gets me the most excited about you, is that you always feel like the real start of the new year to me. New notebooks and pencils, fresh calendars and brilliant to-do lists, I love the sense of rejuvenation that comes in September. The days are still warm but the nights have a distinct chill, sparking thoughts of organizing and purging, making and creating. September, you bring energy to my days and a return to creativity and routines that tends to fall dormant in the dog days of summer.

In other words, I am glad you’re here. Stick around for a good long while, won’t you?

If you wrote a post for this week’s topic please include a link to it below so that we can all come and read it. If you’d like to join the Think Write Thursday email list, please click here.

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  1. Here’s hoping September has plenty of summer-like warmth for you along with some sharp new pencils and renewed creativity.

  2. As the child of two teachers, the start of the school year has always felt like a new beginning even long after I left school. Sometimes I just need a fresh notepad this time of year.

  3. September is my favorite month…like you, it’s my birthday month, the weather is usually gorgeous, and I like the sense of new beginnings. I hope we have a nice transition from summer to autumn !

  4. Autumn is my most loved season. I love the smell of fallen leaves, I love the cooler temps, i.e. sweater weather, I love autumn foods. But unfortunately it doesn’t last, and winter comes barreling in. I hope we all enjoy an extended autumn with beautiful weather. It’s a nice dream as I sit here watching it rain 6 inches due to Harvey. I am a very lucky lady indeed!

  5. September is the last great month of the year, IMO. I really love the days, the color, the joy everyone feels. Almost everyone I know loves September best and their smiles make this month all the better.

  6. If the first few days are any indication of what our September will be like, it can stay FOREVER!

  7. Yes to fresh starts and clean calendar pages. We celebrated Rosh Hashannah for many years and I find the timing works so much better than January. also yes to birthdays and cooler temperatures 🙂 (and YAY! for a bingo coverall and so many wonderful books!)

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