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Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic for August 3, 2017 is to write a post to welcome August. Yes, another Hello post, in this case Hello, August. We like this because it’s easy and quick, if you want it to be, but you can also expand on it and make it longer and more complex if the spirit moves you. Whatever you decide, however you approach it, we hope you will share it with all of us!

Hello, August.

I have to admit that I greet you with a little tinge of sadness. You are the last of the full summer months around here and your arrival signals that summer – at least the part that is defined by Dale not working – will be over when you are. Now, I know that your follower, my gal September, brings lots of warm days and beautiful weather but still, she also brings the arrival of autumn. And we all know what comes after that.


I’m not thinking about any of that if I can help it. Instead I’m thinking about trips to Cape Cod, one coming right up this weekend, as well as our vacation later this month. I’m thinking about hot nights and cold beer, bike rides and ocean waves and orange sunsets. Playing games and laughing and telling jokes and stories.

I’m also thinking about how I could possibly invent a time machine to make this all last a lot longer.

Hello, August. Stick around awhile, won’t you?

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  1. So, whatever you do, don’t listen to Tom Rush singing “Got The Urge For Goin’.”

  2. I agree with Mary K. That song gets me every time I listen to it. I’m going to try to enjoy everyday of August.

  3. August is one month closer to my favorite season! It looks like August is bringing us a real treat — an end to this hot, humid weather and some cooler temps for the next week!

  4. There’s a lot to enjoy in August–the heat of July is mitigated a bit–there’s a nice patch of summer left to enjoy. It has always felt like the new year begins in September, so along with enjoying August, there’s a new year to look forward to!

  5. Another vote for that time machine!! I get up so early in the morning on workdays, the shorter days are already quite noticeable. (Boo.) I know, too, that there are plenty of nice days to look forward to in September and even in October… and sometimes, even in November!! But, alas, the trick is to make the most of and enjoy each day!!

  6. I found myself feeling bad for August when I wrote my post today. Sounds like you have plans to make the best of it 🙂 and I’m sure August will reward you with plenty of sunshine and cold beer!

  7. Usually I love August, but after record breaking July heat I am a little sick of 100+ days. BUT, I do want summer to last a long, long time!

  8. Goodness, it hardly feels like summer has even happened up here this year, but I’m looking forward to warm days on the beach and evenings with friends soon. <3

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