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Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic for July 27, 2017 is to share your favorite summer meal ideas, including recipes if applicable. Are you all about the grill? Or maybe you prefer salads. Do you use your crockpot a lot in the summer? Or would you rather have sandwiches? Tell us what you’re eating and tell us how you prepare it!

I love food and I love to eat, as you well know if you’ve read this blog for, oh, about 5 minutes. When it comes to summer time eating, I like to keep it easy and I can’t say I have many recipes. I go with what’s coming out of the garden – lots of cucumbers and squash these days – as well as what’s fresh from our local farm stand – lots of native corn right now. When it comes to fresh vegetables I think simple is best so I generally just steam or grill squash, I lightly steam native corn and then slather it with butter, and as for those cucumbers, I slice them and put them in a bowl with a little bit of vinegar and a lot of pepper. Any of those vegetables dishes make simple and delicious sides for protein like marinated grilled chicken or steak tips or even a simple cheeseburger. I’m not one of those women who is blessed with a man who loves to grill so the cooking still mostly falls on me. And I’m pretty much okay with that. When I’m not? We go out!

Of course, nothing is better in the summer than a homemade blueberry pie with fresh picked local blueberries. The recipe I follow is here and it’s the perfect sweet ending to any meal!

What are you cooking these days? If you wrote a post for today please share your link below. If you love Think Write Thursday and want to know what we’ll be writing about each week just click here to sign up for the weekly topic email. And to those of you who join us frequently, Kat and I say THANK YOU!

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  1. Israeli salad (only these 5 ingredients, no more, no less): chopped tomato, cucumber, radish, onion, green olives. Add lots of salt, and dress with lemon juice and olive oil. To add some protein, throw in hard-boiled egg. This salad can sit overnight in the fridge and not wilt. Perfect for a hot summer night. (Israelis eat it for breakfast!)

  2. Yup, exactly the same here, right down to a husband who doesn’t grill! I need to find some local corn and make a pie before all the blueberries are done. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. I don’t have much of an appetite during hot & humid weather, but I have to eat, so I try to plan ahead and make a variety of food that I can munch on during the summer heat. My favorites are pasta salads with lots of vegetables dressed with red wine vinaigrette, sliced veggies such as carrots & peppers, pickled beets, & cucumbers in vinegar. I always have cheese & triscuit crackers on hand. Thanks for the blueberry pie recipe!

  4. One of our hot weather favorites, just had it last night, is Smitten Kitchen’s Corn, Bacon and Parmesan Pasta. OK, I’ve revised it a bit for us (hint, increase everything but the pasta by 1/3-1/2 to make it more substantial and I swap a shallot or half a red onion for the green onions).

    Because I’m lame and can’t figure out how to add a link, copy and paste y’all:

  5. My favorite thing about summer eating is that it’s fresh and simple. One thing though–I do not like cucumbers. Actually, I do like them but they don’t Ike me! My cooking is so basic, I can’t proffer up a recipe (but I sure enjoyed reading yours).

  6. I love anything grilled which is what I miss so much about summer time in an apartment. Fresh peaches can’t be beat either.

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