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Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic for July 20, 2017 is to tell us what you do to beat the heat! We’re deep into summer here and some of those love the heat and some of us hate it but either way we all have to cope with it. What do you do that works for you? Share you tips, stories and more on coping with summer heat!

Some of us (me, for instance) love the summer. And some of us (I’m looking at you, Ms. Etherknitter) don’t. But I’m pretty sure that none of us love the super high heat and the uncomfortable humidity. That’s what we’ve been having. In other words, as Becky put it, it’s hotter than a firecracker out there! So what do I do when it’s hot, hot, hot? I stay inside. That’s right. Me, the one who love outdoors, stays inside because everywhere I go (my car, my office at the library, my office at the COA, and my house) has air conditioning. I still have to go outside when I move between those places but I take my time and go slow and it’s not so bad. In fact, the AC at the library was working overtime the other day and the air outside felt pretty good. Almost like coming in and sitting by the woodstove on a January day.

And that image is all I need to remind me that this, too, shall pass. It will become cold again and I won’t like it one bit. So for now I will delight in the modern wonder of air conditioning. I will swim in cool water when I get the opportunity. I will drink cold things and eat ice cream and not turn on my oven unless absolutely necessary  – which, by the way, it will be since I’m bringing a blueberry pie to dinner at a friend’s house this evening. I will revel in the heat because everything – even high humidity – is temporary.

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  1. three cheers for air conditioning!!! my dad’s family is from southern Alabama – generations and generations and I cannot imagine how they survived summer in the days before central air.

  2. I’m blanching string beans as I write this and my kitchen is already up to 81°. I was going to wait until this afternoon, but I’m heading to our library as soon as they open this morning!

  3. I love fresh air and sunshine and I (generally) don’t mind the heat. But. Even I have my limits! Air conditioning and fans are my friends when the humidity kicks in. I do still spend a lot of time outside – even in the heat – but try to plan my time in the garden for the cooler parts of the day.

  4. I aim for getting my work & errands done by 11:30 so I can be inside in the a/c for the hottest part of the day. I even do as much dinner prep as I can in the morning cool. The slow cooker is my friend since it is usually in the high 90s where our grill is. Although I do grill chicken in the morning for salad dinners.

  5. This too shall pass… and all to quickly we will be in boots and shoveling longing for the days of summer. I am not loving this humidity, but I will take it over single digit days!

  6. I am a wimp when it comes to heat & humidity. I spent most of my life in upstate NY and never had air conditioning, when I moved to Illinois into a house that had central AC, I wondered if I would ever use it?
    Well, I learned fast that I needed it to cope with the extreme heat here in the midwest. On the other hand, winters are pretty short and mild here. Besides AC, I cope by thinking of the coming warm days and crisp, cool nights of my favorite season, Autumn!

  7. Our office is so cold, that some days I leave work and slowly walk in the heat to my car. Once inside the car, I just sit there and usually don’t turn the air on until I am out of the street I work on. Then I get home where we only have room air conditioners and I turn on the one in the bedroom and the one in the den and only venture out when I have to. I have the air on low as I don’t need it really cold, just cooler than the heat. Fall is my favorite season but I go through Winter waiting for Spring and for it all to start all over again.

  8. Kudos to you for baking a blueberry pie… do enjoy! I’m with you: how did we ever cope with all this heat and humidity? Answer: Not very well – one just did!


  9. We all have our favorite season and mine is summer. Right now the windows are open and the lawns are being mowed. The scent of summer is in the air. I love it.

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