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Reframing My Day

Oh what a day I had yesterday. It wasn’t bad it was just . . . super full.

I had a monthly report to file.

I had some annual paperwork to finish.

I had to renew my passport agent certification. This included a web based online training thing that took the better part of my afternoon.

I fielded several phone calls about town stuff.

I had to get to the bottom of an overdue invoice.

I had to reschedule picking up my new car. Stupid impact weather day.

I had a Board of Selectmen’s meeting.

In between all of that busy stuff, though, there were good things.

A package of essential oils arrived.

I tried a really great new to me hand cream.

I had a delicious beet and goat cheese salad for lunch.

I grabbed 5 minutes to knit before I had to go out for my evening meeting.

I relaxed after the day’s work and meetings over a beer and light dinner with Dale and my cousins Len and Peg.

I got to write a blog post telling you about my day.

I felt useful and challenged and loved.

So. Even though I didn’t have as much down time as I prefer it was still a good day.

It’s all in how we frame our circumstances, my friends. Frame them in a negative way and a day can be terrible. Frame them with a positive spin and you can turn things right around.

It’s all in the framing.

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  1. Yep. My hour in the dentist’s chair resulted in the best possible outcome given the options. Ok, the best option would have been no dental work, but that tooth already sailed. Glad your day turned out well too.

  2. This reframing has been on my mind lately. Day after day of cancellations and delays are really giving me opportunities to practice.

  3. I value down time as necessary to my well-being, but tend to look at it on a weekly basis, or sometimes even monthly if it’s a really busy time at work. Glad you got five minutes of knitting, and nice reframing!

  4. Busy days mean you’re needed, useful, loved and necessary. You’re a good framer and have always had a way of seeing the best in every situation. Good job of turning the table. xox

  5. 🙂 and I love that a smile is easier than a frown (seriously, it uses fewer muscles!)

    I’m on the search for a new hand cream … what did you try?

  6. Yes…please tell us about the hand cream! And I admire all that you get accomplished. And out to eat on top of all of it all. I am truly envious of that!

  7. Of course we want to know about the hand cream. I think Camilla Beckman’s are the best I have tried, but I would love to know about yours. My hands are generally a horror. Positive re-framing is a necessary talent, although I have been challenged in using it lately. Good for you, Carole. As you have said to me, attitude is everything!

  8. Wow, you did have a busy day! Thanks for the reminder about positive thinking; I needed that after being snowbound for the past several days.

  9. You accomplished a great deal. I do like the idea of reframing. I try and sometimes am more successful than others. And your “three on Thursday” post was so thoughtful and thought provoking. I will consider the “Pause” idea for quite some time to come. Thanks Carole.

  10. Well done-I’ve started doing a 15 minutes yoga routine before work cause I don’t have time for a real workout before I leave and it really is making a difference. Reframing your day is something that I think needs to happen often.

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