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Looking Back: February 2020

I’m keeping with the same format for presenting my photos and videos as last month, showing you a photo mosaic, a one second daily video montage, and answering a few questions. Here we go!

What did I learn? It’s possible to have a very mild case of the flu, if I hadn’t seen the test results with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.

What was my greatest accomplishment? Planning and executing (with plenty of help from my family and friends and community) Randy’s memorial service

Where did I go? Nowhere. As often as possible. Ha!

Who did I spend time with? And what did we do? There was lots of family time in February, plenty of evenings at home with Dale along with a vacation to New Hampshire with the kids. We played games, we had cocktails and snacks, and we laughed.

What brought me joy? Seeing all 4 of our kids together for the first time in 8 years was the most joyous moment of the month for me.

What do I want to remember? All of it. The sadness and tears as we remembered Randy. The joy of having Brant with us and seeing other friends who live far away. The flowers, the knitting, the family dinner the night before Randy’s service, the snow, the mountains, and more.

We’re on to March!

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  1. Your February was full of life, love, and some good food! That feeling of having all of your kids together under your roof is priceless and special (and I love the rare times that it happens because my kids will play board games with me!)

  2. I think that your February was amazing! Your video was fabulous…that make up shot LOVE!! But, truly… this month is a good reminder to all of us that living your best life every day makes the rough ones bearable. All the love to you my friend!

  3. Even with its sadness, it’s clear that February brought a lot of joy and love to your life, and for that I am glad. And certainly if any of us has to get the flu, I hope it’s a very mild case!

  4. I am so glad that you were able to feel the love during your sadness. Great video, love the pictures. What’s the board game?

  5. Looking back can be a blessing! Love all the family time you had (games, drinks, food and oh my that adorable Jackie!) … and ahem. February 2? what’s up with that??!!

  6. That’s a pretty big lift for a short month, but it seems like you made the most of whatever February brought your way. May March look a little more like Spring. Can I get an ‘Amen’?

  7. Those family moments are the most treasured, aren’t they? It’s becoming more and more rare for my kids to be in the same place at the same time (as me). <3

  8. You wrapped yourself (and those around you) in love and joy, the perfect way to comfort the pain and sorrow. Your family is made up of an amazing group of people and I love the way you come together and care for each other. xo

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