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Hello, March

The memorial service for Randy on Saturday was wonderful, with approximately 850 people attending, and I so appreciate that many of you watched it from home. Right now I’m not ready to talk about it so we’re just going to welcome March on this cold Monday morning. 

Hello, March

Hello to celebrating women and their amazing contributions in our world
Hello to corned beef and cabbage and Guinness
Hello to finding a way to celebrate Randy’s birthday that brings us joy
Hello to the end of winter and the beginning of spring
Hello to warm Sunday afternoons and the promise of a cocktail on the deck
Hello to crocuses and snowdrops and daffodil shoots
Hello to red winged blackbirds and songbirds in the morning
Hello to Big Night, when the spotted salamanders and wood frogs and spring peepers travel to vernal pools for breeding
Hello to more light
Hello to renewal
Hello to hope

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  1. Way to welcome March with beautiful tulips! I’m excited about vernal pools and the spectacle of amphibians heading to them — another sign of spring

  2. Perfect list. And, my son texted me yesterday when he saw several dozen red winged blackbirds flying thru the woods behind his house!

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