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Hello, July

Listen. I have a lot of hopes for you.

I’m hopeful that our trip to Maine, which is now booked, is possible since it’s conditional on negative COVID tests.

I’m hopeful that our garden grows. There are tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, and zucchini (finally) planted and I’m hoping you warm summer days will encourage a lot of rapid growth since we’re so far behind on getting them in the ground.

I’m hopeful that the enthusiasm for learning about racism in our country, for reading books written by Black authors, for holding bad police accountable for their actions, for listening and growing, doesn’t wane.

I’m hopeful for more family time. We have birthdays to celebrate together this month and we’d like to do that around a fire in our backyard. I’m hoping the weather cooperates since outside is the place we feel most comfortable when gathering.

I’m hopeful that lots of readers participate in our discussion of Wild Game.

I’m hopeful that Dale continues to make progress in his healing. He’s doing well but let’s go for the big finish by the end of the month, mmmmkay? I’ll hold August accountable for this one since the x-rays aren’t scheduled until then but I still need you to do your part.

July, you usher in the second half of 2020 and there’s a lot riding on you to start this off correctly. Let’s make sure it’s brighter, safer, happier, and stress free.

I’m counting on you.

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  1. If just some of your hopes come true, July will have been a good month for you! A trip to Maine sounds so wonderful, Carole. I hope that ones comes true! And I have all kinds of faith in Dale. Hold fast.

  2. I hope that you your hopes for July are fulfilled. I got Wild Game through Overdrive today and just started it. My first time in many years reading a Kindle book.

  3. I’m hoping right along side you! Our trip to France is officially cancelled, and we’re planning something in Maine early Fall. I’m willing to forgive January to June, but beyond that I might not be so willing! Happy Friday to you.

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