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Look Who Is 3!

Friends, I’m not sure how it happened but on Sunday our little Jackie turned 3. A big party like he’s had the last two years was out of the question due to COVID but Dale and I, along with Hannah and Mikey, went over to his house for the afternoon and we had a grand time.

Hannah had gotten Jackie a bouncy house as his present and, as luck would have it, the thing was delivered on Thursday and they got to keep it until Monday. To say that Jackie was living his best life while jumping up in down in there with all of his favorite people would be a gigantic understatement. Even this Nana managed to haul herself in there and jump around with him for a bit!

I brought over some cheese and crackers and pepperoni (Jackie’s favorite) and Hannah made a beautiful platter of candy. Dale was all over those sweets and I think he’d probably prefer something like that for Friday Night Snacks instead of our usual savory treats!

Jess made cupcakes and we sang and my little bug (who isn’t so little anymore) blew out the candles. I love his dirty face and impish grin in this photo, it just sums up his personality so perfectly.

So it couldn’t be the birthday we would have preferred but it sure was a special day anyway.

Happy Birthday, Jackie! We all love you to the moon and back!

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  1. Are you kidding?! The only thing better than a birthday party with friends is one where you don’t have to share the bouncy house!

    When I make us cheese or snack boards, there are usually just a few chocolates or truffles for ‘dessert’.

  2. Happy Birthday Jackie! What fun – a bouncy house AND candy (that like Robby said you don’t have to share with too many!!). Sounds like it was a great day and what a fabulous picture of him.

  3. That sounds like so much fun! Jackie is really getting big, and he does look like he is a happy boy. Happy Birthday, Jackie!

  4. Happy birthday to Jackie! We celebrated our granddaughters birthday yesterday with a distance visit. She’s 19 so she understands what’s happening in the world. So perfect and generous of Hannah to get the bouncy house to make it special for a little one that might not understand why his friends can’t come over.

  5. This sounds like a wonderful birthday, but I’m wondering how Jackie is three already! A bouncy house for five days is the perfect gift and you served the perfect food for a three-year-old (or really any age). Wishing Jackie a very Happy Birthday!

  6. Birthdays are special no matter what… especially because of the people and all the love. And BOUNCY HOUSE??? The best!! Three years! It’s so crazy. Happy Birthday, Jackie!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to Jackie!!! He is so big. I shouldn’t be surprised as my great niece will be 3 in February. They are growing so fast. The bouncy house was a perfect gift for a 3 year old.

  8. chocolate-messy smiles are the best! I love Hannah’s “snack plate” … and that y’all got to celebrate in person!!

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