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The early risers among you may have caught this post yesterday when I mistakenly published it instead of our Read With Us announcement. Here’s a performance tip: calendar reminders about blog posts are only useful if you look at them. In any case, here’s my post about the weekend that was . . .

Did anyone see that streak go by? I believe it’s called a 3 day weekend but it went so fast I can’t be sure!

It started off on a wonderful note as Dale and I attended the wedding of my friend Amy’s daughter, Lucy. Amy was my Assistant Director at the library and she just retired last week. We worked together for 24 years and it’s a huge adjustment to not have her with my daily. The wedding was a lovely affair, small and in a very cool setting with lots of delicious food and beautiful touches. I’m so grateful we were included and was thrilled to see Lucy looking so happy.

I honestly didn’t do anything productive on Saturday and, you know what? That’s fine. I read some, played on the Nintendo Switch some, ran a couple of errands, and that’s about all. We ended the evening with sushi and Practical Magic.

On Sunday I prepped for celebrating Jackie’s birthday. We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting for desserts. Jackie’s favorites, mostly, but he did say he would have rather had tacos for dinner! It was fun to see him, he’s got a super cute new haircut and he makes me laugh with his stories and antics.

Monday was similar to Saturday but I did also make a roast chicken dinner with the traditional sides like stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and acorn squash. We’ll be eating leftovers for the rest of the week and I’m not sad about that at all!

I hope you had a weekend full of whatever you wanted!

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  1. Oh yum to a roast chicken dinner! Jackie is looking so grown up these days. Glad you had such a nice, relaxing long weekend.

  2. What a wonderful weekend! I hope you find a new assistant to train to be just like Amy. After working together for 24 years, I bet you do miss her. The wedding looks beautiful, just like Jackie’s celebration sounds wonderful. Hooray for leftovers (and maybe then have tacos)!

  3. Sounds like a truly wonderful weekend! I can’t think of a better way to spend a long weekend than gathering with family and friends to celebrate happy events.

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