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Dahlia Days

The dahlias are still blooming profusely but things are changing as the nights are considerably cooler. The colors are different and I often have to move sleeping bumblebees from the centers when I go out to cut flowers.

I took these photos yesterday and was trying to capture how it feels to have them in the house. I’m not sure they are the greatest but, since I’ve got nothing else to share with you today, they will have to do.

You can be sure I’ll be holding on to dahlia days until the first frost. Let’s hope it’s still weeks and not days away.

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  1. Great photos. I especially like the fallen petals. The idea of moving sleeping bumblebees, not so much.

  2. I’m with Robby and like the fallen petals, too. Our first frost date is just three days away, but in reality, it probably won’t happen for a couple of weeks.

  3. I’m also in the fallen petals camp – that is a lovely photo! They are all lovely. Enjoy your flowers while they last! We have not had a frost yet, but the remaining buds (at least 12!!) on the Hibiscus do not look like they will open. Likewise, I think I will be picking green figs and researching different ways to use them.

  4. I, too, am a total sucker for the fallen petals! 🙂 Your dahlias are just beautiful, Carole. I love it when you share them with us! XO

  5. That first one is my favorite — I love the blush! I hope you have a bit more time before the frost comes in so we can have more dahlia days!

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