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Currently, October 2023

It’s the mid point of October and, while I’m not sure how we got here so quickly, it’s time for a check in on what’s going on in my life right now.

Knitting: Socks! Can you believe it? I cast on a pair of my Picot Edge Socks on Sunday while watching football.

Reading with my eyesWellness by Nathan Hill

Reading with my earsAtomic Habits by James Clear

Watching: Outlander, Season 7

Eating: Fish Chowder. Soup season is here!

Planting: Butterfly weed. I had zero luck last year (I plead ignorance because I scattered the seeds in a totally wrong area) but a local friend gave me some recently and I’m giving it another shot.

Loving: That the dahlias are still blooming. Still no frost in our 10 day forecast so, while they may slow down, they won’t freeze to death just yet.

Anticipating: The first fire of the season. Probably by the end of next week.

Playing: A new-to-me Nintendo Switch game, Disney Dreamlight Valley. The New York Times published an article at the end of September titled 7 Best Cozy Games to Play This Fall and I went ahead and started this one. It’s super fun and (be warned) highly addictive and I’m loving it.

I hope all is well in your world at this mid point of October.

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  1. Thanks for the NYT link! I’ve been looking for a game similar to Animal Crossing (no battles, no bosses) and this offers several of them. I haven’t decided on one yet but will have fun doing so.

  2. Sounds like you’re . . . currently . . . in good shape to enjoy a lovely fall, Carole. (And . . . maybe I’ll have to dig out my Switch again???) XO

  3. I LOVE your Picot Edge sock recipe – it’s the only top I use now. It stays up nicely and doesn’t make dents in the skin like a ribbing top can. For a guy’s sock, I just use a bigger needle for the turning row, no picots! My go-to heel is now the Fish Lips Kiss maneuver. So I’m all set up for sock knitting now, forever and ever – thank you, Carole!

  4. There were frost warnings north of us last night, but it hasn’t reached us yet… in fact, we’re in for a stretch of pretty mild weather, given that it’s mid-October. I’m seeing 60s (and more rain than I’d like, but oh well).

  5. The only sock I’ve knit for years is your Picot Edge Socks. Love the combo of Knitterly Things and YOU!
    Love your dahlias, too. I finally have a few blossoming and they look great mixed with my zinnias.

  6. None of my dahlias came up! Shall l save the seeds for next year? I did plant extremely late!

  7. These are such good cozy things! (and I have been wondering about that game… thanks for the link and the plug!)

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