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A Post On Nostalgia for Things

You all know that I’m an avid reader. What you might not know is that I read almost exclusively on a Kindle Paperwhite. I like it for many reasons but there are two that are most important to me:

  • I can take as many books as I want with me wherever I go
  • I can read in bed with the light on

I noticed recently that my device wasn’t holding a charge very well and last week, when Amazon had their Big Deal Prime Day, the Paperwhite was on sale for $99 instead of the regular $139. They offered me $30 to trade in my existing device and bam! Sold!

After I got it, I decided to treat myself to a new holder as well. The old one was pretty damn beat up and the new version offers cool features like a strap to hold it with one hand and a stand so that it can be propped up while someone . . . knits, let’s say.

I was all set to throw that old cover in the trash and Dale stopped me. He marveled at how well loved it was. He pointed out the souvenir stickers I had amassed and put all over it. He said it had served me well and deserved to be saved as a memento of all the great books I had read during it’s useful time.

I’m generally not sentimental about things but damn if he didn’t get to me with his little lecture. It’s on the windowsill in my studio now. I may still throw it out . . . then again, I may not.

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  1. Ooooohhhhh!!! Much loved indeed! Could you fasten a blank notebook in the cover to continue to use it for drawing or musing?

  2. What a well-loved cover, Carole! That Dale . . . is a real softie when it comes to hanging onto “memorabilia.” (And now, even if you decide to ultimately pitch the cover, you’ve got some great photos to remind you of your beloved – and well-used – Kindle cover.)

  3. A shiny new Paperwhite deserves a new cover, but I do understand the nostalgia factor. I was that way about baby clothes and saved special ones even when I was done having children. I had some idea about making a quilt but then squirrels got into the bags I had stored in the attic; it was easy to throw them away after that!

  4. I do think you shiny new paperwhite will really sparkle in a new cover … and maybe there’s something else you could do to preserve the old one? (or maybe as Kym suggests, the photos are enough?)

  5. I love that old cover too! Interesting that you read on a Paper white. I read on an IPad mini because I use a variety of sources like Hoopla, CL, Audible and sometimes the Kindle app and my public library. I can actually read the books or listen to an audiobook and knit or crochet at the same time. Sadly the San Luis Obispo county library system doesn’t have a very large selection. They recently pulled out of the Black and Gold System which gave us access to books in three counties (SLO, Santa Barbara and Ventura) probably due to money. I love that any time of the day or night when I finish a book I can load on another one. Most of the other readers that I know refuse to use a device and insist on only reading what they consider a REAL book. I’d go broke using their system!

  6. That cover does show how much you loved your old device and how far it traveled! I really like Lynn’s idea to give it a different life.

  7. A well loved Kindle cover is a very good thing! And I am nodding with Kym’s comment about it being memorialized in photo… perfect! XO

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