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Three On Thursday

It’s been a very long time since I wrote a Three On Thursday post but I’ve got 3 random things to share with you today.

  1. I saw not one but TWO shirtless men yesterday in their front yards. One was getting his mail (we have mailboxes at the road where I live) and the other was just standing there acting like the lord of all he surveyed. It was . . . weird. I mean, sure, the weather is unseasonably warm right now, but this felt like . . . overkill.
  2. Jackie is loving the Trunk Or Treat life! We went with him last night to our town’s Key Club Halloween party and Trunk Or Treat at our high school and it was really cute. The kids had done a good job decorating their cars and the party games were cute and fun. There was a moment during musical chairs where one boy, who was pretty young, had a shrieking fit about not getting a seat when the music stopped and an older child immediately said, “here, take my seat” and it was so sweet. I do think this whole Trunk Or Treat thing has cut down significantly on actual Trick or Treating here but it’s definitely a trend.
  3. I have my annual physical today. The facility I’ve gone to for the last 3 years shut down abruptly last spring, leaving hundreds of people unemployed and thousands without access to their doctors. I found the Nurse Practitioner from my doctor’s practice and I’m seeing her today. I’m not overly nervous but this is not something I enjoy and having to go somewhere new definitely adds to my anxiety a bit. Send good juju, mmmkay?

And that’s all for this Thursday. Have a great day out there!

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  1. It’s fall; put your shirts back on, men. (I have to go to the grocery store today and I hope I don’t see any shirtless men.) I’m much the same way about going to the dr. It feels almost like having to go to the principal’s office, so I’m sending good juju.

  2. Sending ALL the good juju for an easy (and uneventful) appointment today! XO (And good for you for getting to the doctor!!!) Having no children in my life, I’ve not been to an actual Trunk-or-Treat event, but I do see them advertised all over the place. It sounds like a lot of fun to me — and easy! And, umm . . . not all shirtless men are created equal. And that’s all I’ll say about that one. 😉

  3. Sending all the good juju for your visit today! (Go you for this very important thing!)

    My daughter (okay maybe just Genevieve and Winston! LOL) Love Trunk or Treat… they live on 10 acres with not many neighbors… this gives them an opportunity to have some Halloween fun! (and I think it is a genius idea!)

  4. What an happy ending with that older child giving up his seat. I’m sure his parents were proud of him.

    During the pandemic my doctor, who was frankly on the bubble IMO, moved 30 minutes away. I took it as a sign and tried someone new, a nurse practitioner. I’ve seen her three times and adore her. She has more time than my doc ever did. She’s a much better listener and she’s very encouraging. She doesn’t discuss my weight in a negative way, but offers positive health advice. Sending you hope for a similarly positive experience.

  5. My primary provider of 34 years retired this month so I had to find someone new. I totally get that feeling of uncertainty. Hope it goes well.

  6. All the good jujuu coming your way! Can’t wait to hear how your NP is doing, since I still need to schedule my physical with her 🙂

    Trunk or Treat is definitely the way to go – less walking & so much fun! It was just becoming a thing when my kids aged out.

  7. I saw a shirtless man running today — right after I saw a man wearing a fur-trimmed winter coat. People just do not know what to do with the weather right now!

    Hope all goes well with your physical!

  8. I hope all went well at your physical today. My primary that I had a long time retired before covid. I ended up at a totally different practice where a friend went and that dr retired during covid after I’d been seeing her only a few years. I now go an APRN at the office. I go next Friday for a 6 month check up. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see the APRN but the office had no other options and I haven’t wanted to start looking again. I figure I have my gyno, gastro, derm, etc specialists so I’m covered.

  9. Hope your physical went well! I also do not look forward to that. I had mine in July and my doctor gave me FIVE referrals for other medical appointments. I had a follow-up visit with the primary doc a couple of weeks ago and said “SEE? I really am healthy!” and he had to admit that I am.

    The truth is that I don’t mind him being cautious and thorough when it comes to my health, but it feels like I’ve spent the last three months going to medical appointments!

    And after seeing what my insurance was billed for all this, I do really feel for people who have no insurance. 🙁

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