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Three On Thursday

Is this week dragging by or is it just me? I don’t know if it’s waiting on the election or the somewhat dreary weather we’ve had or what . . . but I feel like Monday was weeks ago. In any case, it’s Thursday and I’ve got 3 random things for you this week.

  1. Halloween. It’s not cancelled in our town but I think for the first time ever we are keeping our lights off this year so that the little ghosts and goblins don’t darken our doorstep. That doesn’t count for Jackie, of course, and for our neighbor’s kids as well, but I think for the very few trick or treaters we generally get it’s just not worth it. Plus more peanut butter cups for me! I’ll be making my traditional American Chop Suey for dinner and I think Dale is planning a fire in the firepit for the late afternoon and the kids will all be over for dinner (and smore’s?) and I’m hoping it all doesn’t feel too anticlimactic.
  2. Field of Flags. This is a fundraiser our Kiwanis club offers to raise money not just for our club but also for Fisher House Boston, a home for veterans and their families needing medical treatment. We’re under restrictions because of COVID so we can’t have our ceremony, but we are still planning on placing 1,000 flags on our town common. If you’d like to sponsor a flag you can find the form here (it’s a Google doc) and it has directions for either mailing in a donation or donating online. Our major fundraisers for the year have been severely impacted . . . no pancake breakfast last spring . . . no golf tournament this summer . . . so if you’re inclined to make any sort of donation at all I would truly appreciate it.
  3. Animal Crossings. I got my Switch back from Nintendo repair about a month ago, which is terrific . . . but my island was gone and I had to start over, which is not so terrific. Still, it’s been an opportunity to build things differently and perhaps even better since I have more of a sense of the endgame. Mostly I’m sad about losing all those Bells I had in the bank plus all the fish and bugs I caught over the spring and summer. Do you play? It’s engaging and fun and provides a great escape from the doom and gloom of the world right now.

And that’s what I’ve got going on this Thursday. If you wrote a post for this week please include your link below and thanks for joining me.

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  1. I love that you have a traditional Halloween meal! We’ve cancelled our neighborhood party, first time in 15 years. But there was just no way to do it safely, even outside. Our restrictions are ‘No more than 10 people from a max of 2 different households.’ So that was that. While some folks are still handing out candy here, we’re not. That just seems like a lot of breathers at the door for one night! Enjoy your alternative celebration with your fam, and best of luck with the fundraiser.

  2. We’re also nixing handing out candy this year. We usually don’t get many trick-or-treaters as it is because we’re at the end of a dead-end street, but we decided this year to buy candy that we like and just keep it for ourselves. We are, however, getting together (outside!) with some family friends in the afternoon, and my daughter is planning to host a drop-in Zoom session for her school friends so they can hang out a bit online.

  3. The parents in our neighborhood sent out an email about trick or treating. I was surprised how many are planning to go out. Our porch light will be off too.

  4. We don’t get any trick or treaters any longer…they all head to the big neighborhoods. We’re hoping for one more outdoor meal with our neighbors on Sunday. (Lomo al Trapo!) Thanks for the reminder about the flags should be a paypal transaction coming their way. 🙂

  5. Porch lights off this year here, too. For the first Halloween ever. I feel bad, but I just don’t think it’s wise to trick-or-treat this year. And . . . Animal Crossings. Sheesh. It got me through some rough days, but I’ve not been playing so much lately. (Maybe because I put a sticky note on it that says “don’t you have something better to do?”) (Although sometimes I say, “No. I don’t have something better to do.”) 🙂

  6. The week is dragging by for me too…I think it’s the election. We get few trick or treaters in our neighborhood too. I think we will put a bowl out in case any come, but we will not answer the door.

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