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On Veteran’s Day

photo credit to Crystal Clear Photography

Later this morning I will be giving a speech on our Town Common. There won’t be a ceremony but it will be recorded and shared by our local cable company. I thought you might like to read what I’m going to say . . .

Greetings from the Board of Selectmen! It gives me great pleasure to wish the men and women of our country who served in our armed forces a Happy Veteran’s Day. Veteran’s Day looks a lot different this year than it has in the past but our appreciation for your sacrifice is as deep as ever. While we can’t gather to celebrate your service due to safety measures, thanks to creativity and modern technology, we can still honor our nation’s heroes.

I am not someone who has served in the military and I recognize that means I cannot fully understand the sacrifices our veterans have made. I don’t know what it takes to have the courage to leave home, to give up my personal freedom to follow a command, to be willing to sustain physical injury and emotional turmoil for the sake of people I don’t even know. But what I do know is this: this country would not be what it is were it not for our veterans. And what I want you to know is this: I see you. I honor your humanity. And I extend to you respect and recognition.

And so, on behalf of our town, thank you for your service. The sacrifices you made have given us freedom and security and our gratitude is immeasurable. Your unwavering service in peacetime and war, here in this nation and throughout the world, is respected and remembered and appreciated.  Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

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  1. That is a wonderful speech, Carole. You certainly express the respect, recognition, and appreciation that all veterans so deserve for all they have done and continue to do in putting our country first.

  2. As a child, I spent most of my life moving from deployment to deployment with my family, following where my father’s passion for service led him. From the daughter of a lifetime Army officer, thank you for a beautiful, thoughtfully condsidered, thank you to our veterans.

  3. That is a perfect speech for VD, Carole. I fell exactly as you do, and it made me tear up. I so appreciate these brave strangers who ensured my safety and the safety of all Americans. Their sacrifice is immeasurable.

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