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No Walk Wednesday

I don’t have photos of a walk to share with you this week. I blame the weather . . . it was extremely uncooperative. My opportunities for walking generally come on Wednesdays after work and Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Last Wednesday it rained. Last Friday it snowed. Last Saturday was very windy and cold. And Last Sunday it rained.


In the interest of accepting that there’s no bad weather just bad clothing, I will work on improving my supply of outdoor gear. In the meantime, yoga is my substitute for walking. The view isn’t as pretty but the way it makes me feel is just about as good. Mostly because Adriene.

In other news, I’m not talking about the election.

Here’s a pretty picture of some zinnias.

The end.

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  1. I’ve been pretty lucky with getting outside, but I know those days are waning and soon there will be more bad weather than good, so I may be joining you on the yoga mat more often this winter. Enjoy those flowers — and keep breathing!

  2. Yes to better gear. I have not purchased any new clothes in 8 months but I am planning to order some new winter workout clothes because I need to get out! Also love Adriene ?

  3. Yep, while we haven’t had snow here-it is definitely time to get out the puffy jacket for walks. I did have to layer up quite a bit for my bike ride though.

  4. Great post to help us all keep our equanimity, Carole. I haven’t looked at any results except to know that nothing is settled. I don’t plan to get upset about something that I am powerless over. It’s a done deal, one way or another. Enjoy your yoga, and I hope your weather allows a walk soon. Happy Wednesday!

  5. Pretty zinnias! And I highly recommend the LL Bean fleece tights Kym referred to in her post about her sister walking. I got them and they are pretty spectacular. What election? 🙂

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