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Three On Thursday

Hey friends. The work week is just about over. Can I get a hoo? And a ray? Let’s talk about some random stuff, mmmmkay?

I blew NaBloPoMo by not posting last Sunday. I’m pretty sure no one noticed. I mean, I posted a poem on Saturday and . . . crickets. I thought about posting on Sunday and I even searched for a funny library meme and . . . I just didn’t post. I think I’m good with my Monday-Friday routine and I think you all are, too. So no more weekend blog posts from me going forward.

Thanksgiving is one week from today and it’s sure going to look different for me and, I expect, all of you as well. We’ve been guests for years, I can’t remember the last time I actually cooked a turkey on the actual holiday. And in reality, I probably shouldn’t be cooking a turkey this year since it will be just Dale and I along with Hannah and Mikey. They said on the news the other day that small turkeys are difficult to find right now and that makes a lot of sense. We like turkey, though, so if I can’t find a small one I’m good with a big ole bird. I’m going to keep the sides simple and I haven’t decided yet what to do about the pies. I generally make 5 but that’s not happening, naturally. Dale said I only need to make one . . . mince. That’s all well and good since it’s his favorite but it’s not a hit with anyone else! I can’t even imagine Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie and Dale doesn’t like that. I did find these mini pies from King Arthur Baking and I may go in that direction with pumpkin for me, mince for Dale, and pecan for Hannah. Hopefully Mikey has a favorite among those 3, too!

I have 3 recently finished knitted things that I haven’t shown you yet! I really need to coordinate with my top knitwear model, Hannah, and get some photographs taken of 2 of these, Nightshift and Rio Calina. The 3rd project is a gift and it’s waiting on the arrival of a new bundle of joy for some friends so it may still be a little while before you see that one.

And that’s all I’ve got for you this Thursday. Just remember . . . it’s almost the weekend!

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  1. The pie dilemma. We’re going with apple crisp. I make a whole batch of topping and freeze any extra for a later use. Except… I already have some in the freezer, so I’m half done. But I do want to try those mini pies at some point. The ratio of filling and crust is very different though. Happy Friday Eve!

  2. You are a considerate cook, but I may be a bit selfish. Since I’m the one making everything (for probably just the two of us), it will definitely be pumpkin pie. Also not mini, because one of my joys of Thanksgiving is having leftover pie for breakfast the next day. My main reason for making anything for Thanksgiving is the leftovers; fried stuffing is even better than leftover pie!

  3. My husband loves pie, so I make him a mini apple pie often. I find I like mini pies very much for just the two of us. It is the Goldilocks of pies – LOL! Your post made me remember that I don’t think I have anything to roast for make-ahead gravy! I will have to rummage in the freezer and see if there is a wing or leg in there somewhere. Must have gravy….
    I really do not check blogs on the weekend, so I didn’t notice that you were posting, Carole, sorry!
    Looking forward to seeing those knitting FO’s.

  4. I am making Thanksgiving dinner for the first time ever! I ordered the smallest turkey that Whole Foods offered, which I expect will still be more than enough for the five people (four adults and one child) I’m cooking for, but I expect if we have leftovers it won’t be a big deal. And I am only making one pie, and it’ll be apple. It will be a strange holiday for sure, but I think this will be a year when we really have a lot to be thankful for and will appreciate the reason for the holiday so much more.

  5. Leftovers are amongst the best parts of Thanksgiving, according to my family! It’s necessary to have a loaf of squishy white bread for the sandwiches.
    P.S. Just downloaded the Rio Calina pattern. Two exemplary knitting stars lost this yea?

  6. Since we cannot be together, our daughter has offered to bake pies and deliver them. I look forward to a simpler day but I am going to miss having our family together. They are making plans to work from home and quarantine next month so we can have Christmas.

  7. My family usually flies in for ThanksChristmaHannukah every year. This one will definitely be different. Just the two of us so — bone-in full turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas, rolls, and only one pie (usually 2 each of three different kinds). Happy Thanksgiving, through minimizing (meals and virus exposure), to us all.

    (And, I missed you on Sunday. Was pleased to see you back on Monday as I was a tad bit worried… Strange how we have real feelings for our Internet friends.)

  8. I also can’t remember the last time I cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner. We are choosing to think of this as a year to start new traditions! I was beginning to stress about the pie situation myself … my fam loves chocolate cream, but I’m not a fan … I love pumpkin, but they don’t … and we have to have apple. You’ve solved my dilemma! I’ll make the family the chocolate cream pie (they’ll polish that off in no time), and make pumpkin and apple mini pies!

  9. We had the same turkey question… I suggested little Cornish hens for each of us. I’ve always thought that would just be plain fun. But I’m not the head chef around here–and he wasn’t quite on board! I love the idea of the mini pies, though. I think King Arthur hit the nail on the head with that one. Glad you can have some family with you!

  10. I decided to look for a turkey last night on my way home — I definitely want a small one because I don’t have a pan or oven big enough to spatchcock a large bird, and that’s my preferred cooking method the past few years. They were filling the freezers while I was there, so I had my pick and found a nice 12-pounder! Rusty’s making pumpkin pie, Ali’s trying a not-so-sweet pecan, Kate’s making a good green salad, and I think some roasted fingerling potatoes will round out the main menu.

  11. Though there will only be 4 of us (2 @ 90 years of age) we still have a 20 lb bird coming! There will only be one apple pie unless Doug wants a chocolate cream and then I will make it for him. I love the idea of mini pies!

  12. I wasn’t doing NaBloPoMo but my top November goal was to not miss a regularly scheduled blog post. Well, that goal isn’t going so well. I’ve already missed more than I’ve written. Including today’s. 🙁
    As for Thanksgiving, I’m looking forward to a Giant bird and only a few people. I LOVE leftover turkey sandwiches and there never seems to be enough.

  13. I am going with the same strategy as you on Thanksgiving – a small bird (if I can find one). There will only be 5 of us. I don’t have the pie dilemma, though – pecan for me!

  14. It will be a quiet Turkey(less) day here. We are not cooking a turkey this year, but I think chicken and stuffing will be perfect for just the two of us. I am making a pie, I think…maybe. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  15. Maybe several mini pies that can go in the freezer to enjoy another time? Our day will be about the same except Andrew will be here [he wasn’t last year], Steve has to work part of the day so our will be steak and potatoes, and Friday will be Turkey and the trimmings and my Mom will be over. She’s British so she doesn’t mind celebrating on Friday. We’ve always kept our family gathering small so not a big change overall for us.

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