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Three On Thursday

This week I have 3 things for you, an update, an observation, and a recommendation.

  1. The update: We will be discussing The Women of Brewster Place here on this blog as well as on Bonny’s bog and Kym’s blog next Tuesday the 17th. Yes, we were supposed to discuss it this past Tuesday but election fatigue left the 3 of us without the needed brain capacity to put much thought into it. To make it up to you, we have a special treat: a Zoom meetup for a virtual discussion! Yep, we’re taking the plunge and we hope you will join us on Tuesday the 17th at 7:00pm eastern time. If you want an invite to Zoom with us just let me know in the comments.
  2. The observation: I was thinking, as I wrote my speech for Veteran’s Day, about how soldiers enlist to fight for our freedom and in doing so they actually give up their own personal freedom. They sacrifice the freedom to be home with their family and friends, the freedom to ignore a command they don’t agree with, their own freedom of speech as they have to support the mission. It really boggles my mind when I think about it this way and it makes me more grateful than ever that there are people in our country who are willing to do this.
  3. The recommendation: Go right now and get the book The House in the Cerulean Sea. I generally wait to recommend books when I do a reading update but I finished this one yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful it is and that makes me want all of you to experience it as well. It’s uplifting and delightful, it will open your eyes to bias and prejudice in a new way, and it will make you cheer for the underdog with an ending that will leave you crying and laughing all at the same time.

And that’s all I have for this Thursday. I hope you’ll share your post below if you wrote one for this week. As always, thanks for joining in!

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  1. Thanks for the book recommendation, Carole! A book that lingers is a treaure. I am going right now to see if I can get it at my library. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday, full of good things.

  2. Your second observation hits home with my family this week. We all learned my nephew can’t get leave to be home for Christmas for the first time in his life. Intellectually, we all understood this, but it has hit him and his sister hard. I’m already scheming an Advent calendar to send him to give him small things to look forward to each day. But he will certainly be missed.

  3. Thanks for the book recommendation. I immediately went to Overdrive and placed myself in line. 37 for 3 copies. By the time it gets to me, It’ll be a surprise. I am so grateful for OverDrive. Last night, I downloaded an ebook that couldn’t be read on my iPad. It took a bit of searching to find an app that would install the book. Libby. Are the libraries educating folks about this app as well as Kindle? Is the another that I should know about? In this time of increased isolation, we need all the tools in the box.
    Looks like a shift back towards winter.

  4. I remember when something similar to your Veteran’s Day observation struck me when I was young and traveling and wandering through an airport. I saw a soldier, also in his early 20s, traveling in fatigues, with a single camouflage bag, and he was so serious and professional and, well, I don’t know how to say it except I got the feeling he was ‘always on duty.’ And it felt completely other-worldly to me; like, here I am, doing what I want/where I want/when I want, and I don’t give my freedom to do that a second thought. And here’s someone 5′ from me who MAKES THAT POSSIBLE. And he can’t do the same.

  5. One of the things that I value most greatly is my ability to think for myself so I certainly agree with you how incredible it is that most people in the armed forces give up that personal freedom and act every day for the greater good of all of us. I’m amazed and very grateful.
    And also starting House in the Cerulean Sea soon!

  6. Thank you for that book recommendation! I’ve heard from several other people that it’s a good read, so it’s going on my to read list!

  7. I will just echo your praise of “Cerulean Sea!” It is ABSOLUTELY the most joyous and hopeful book I have read in a very long time! Just delightful in every way. XO

  8. I’m on the wait list for Cerulean Sea as well…and cannot wait! Yes to the book group! And I just texted with a young friend in Afghanistan this morning (kinda crazy) serving our country with the Air Force. She served her 6 years, came home and had to go back via the reserves. I know she really didn’t want to go but…

  9. Our men and women serving need our support now more than ever for sure! Thanks for the book recommendation-sounds like a great read.

  10. Your Observation is a keen one. I’ve been Thinking About that myself (especially as a not-to-be-named freshman congresswoman from GA tweeted all kinds of nonsense today about masks, and church, and religion) … and I am looking forward to diving deep into that Cerulean Sea soon. I picked it up on a Kindle Deal a few weeks back.

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