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Three On Thursday

This weekend is Memorial Day . . . the official kick off to summer for many of us. Sadly, our weather is predicted to be pretty un-summer-ish. Cool and rainy off and on right through Monday. Definitely not ideal for time outdoors. Luckily, I’ve got 3 things to occupy my time while I’m indoors.

  1. Saturday night we are having dinner at our friend’s house. This dinner was originally scheduled for March 2020. It was actually one of the first things we cancelled at a time when we weren’t really sure cancelling was necessary but it felt like we should. Little did we know that it would be 14 months before we could safely get together and finally have this dinner party. I’m so looking forward to this, it feels like a very symbolic return to normal. Plus I’m bringing a chocolate cream pie.
  2. I’ll be knitting. Hopefully a lot. Hannah’s wedding in Iceland is only 79 days away and I’m knitting the Aperture Stole to wear during the ceremony. I bought this kit last year when my OLW was Open (a word I had initially picked to help me accept Hannah’s wedding plans) but I never actually started it. After I bought my mother-of-the bride dress I realized that the color matches perfectly and I decided it would be just the thing for a cool-ish wedding by a waterfall. There are many, many (many!) rows to this stole and I need to get my butt in gear if I’m going to finish it in time. There’s also a little sweater for the bride to be considered, too, so knitting definitely needs to be a priority these days.
  3. This is a catch all category of other-indoor-activities up for consideration. It includes hanging out with Dale, playing games, starting a puzzle, and reading. I’m willing to bet that at some point over the long weekend I will do several, if not all, of these things.

Even a rainy long weekend is better than a regular weekend, right? If you wrote a post for today please include your link below and thanks for joining Three On Thursday this week.

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  1. Suddenly, I think my ‘normal’ might need a chocolate cream pie! Although this weekend it will be homemade hot fudge sauce instead, because summer is for ice cream.

    Somehow I missed the wedding being in Iceland. I can see how that might not be a mama’s first thought, but I bet it’s a very special time. Wishing your knitting needles speed and accuracy over the coming weeks.

  2. It sounds like the cool and rainy Memorial Day might still be the perfect weekend for your lovely indoor plans. A chocolate cream pie, knitting, and hanging out with Dale all sound wonderful, even if they’re not the typical “kick off the summer” activities. I love the symbolism of the dinner tonight, and Aperture and “open” are pretty symbolic for Hannah’s Icelandic wedding. (You raise your kids to be independent, know their own minds, and make their own decisions, and then they have the nerve to go ahead and do it!)

  3. I am sending all the Knitting Juju your way! I love that shawl… what a perfect thing to wear for that very special occasion!

  4. I somehow missed Hannah’s wedding plans. Iceland? That’s original. My DIL is from Russia, and her dream is to live in Iceland. You will, of course, have to give us a full report! It sounds to me like the knitting gods are giving you a push to get going on that shawl by giving you appropriate weather. I hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever you do!

  5. We have a very similar forecast for this weekend, and we also have similar plans! We’re getting together with some friends on Saturday night that we haven’t seen in more than a year, and I am planning on knitting my fingers off. Enjoy your long weekend!

  6. We have a similar unseasonal forecast out here this weekend…what the heck?! But it sounds like you have perfect plans for it there, especially kicking it off with a rescheduled dinner party. So much reason to celebrate. Enjoy! (Wow–79 days!!!!)

  7. That’s a pretty shawl. A friend of mine went to Iceland and really liked it. My sister went as an add on to another trip and she enjoyed it. From what I’ve seen from pictures it is beautiful and will make a great wedding trip.

  8. A wedding in Iceland sounds so romantic and charming. 79 days will pass in a flash! The shawl will be a lovely addition to your wedding attire. Isn’t it amazing how last year we were so isolated and we had days of not seeing anyone we loved. This year we’re meeting up as much as we can and enjoy more one on one time with friends. I’ve grown fond of quiet weekends with reading or knitting and maybe having a friend or two over. We just keeping things low key now. I’m considering baking an apple pie, but our temps are heading up! It is expected to be 95 by Thursday!

  9. Your first dinner out with pie sounds yummy! and Aperture is completely stunning. I hope you’re finding lots of time to knit, and enjoy this first weekend of summer!!

  10. Can’t wait to see the photos of Hannah’s destination wedding. We loved Iceland and can’t wait to go back.
    I hope you enjoy the trip.

    My cousin recommended the Baejarins Beztu Pylsur hot dog stand and ordering one “with everything”. She said it was the best hot dog she ever had and we agree.
    We also loved the rye bread ice cream at Cafe Loki which is across the square from the Hallgrímskirkja.

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