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Not much knitting, lotsa spending

I haven’t had as much knitting time as I usually do. Sunday we went to the movies and saw The Aviator. Excellent. Still have to see Ray (coming from Netflix this week) and hopefully Finding Neverland before the Oscars. Man, I love the Oscars! Anyway, after the movie we went television shopping. We currently have a 27″, it’s time to upgrade to a big ole flat screen. So, we traipsed through the mall from Best Buy to Sears to Target and back to Best Buy and back to Sears and then finally to Best Buy for the last time. Made our selection. Talk to the sales kid. They didn’t have the one we wanted in stock. Sigh. But, they are available online. So, last night, we started shopping online and decided that the 32″ wasn’t big enough and we should get a 36″ instead. This is our major form of entertainment, after all. We finally made the purchase online and we’re off tonight to pick it up at a nearby Best Buy. Anyway, all this shopping and purchasing hasn’t allowed much knitting time.

The alien scarf is progressing, though. I’m on head #3 now and really enjoying watching this take shape.

Dale’s socks are not very exciting, but they are good for mindless knitting.


More tomorrow, my friends.

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