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On Public Knitting and Some Other Stuff

Let’s see what’s new in the world of knitting. Hmmm. Not much! Wed. night I took Dale’s socks with me to a meeting we had to attend about a Civil War event we’re coordinating. The women were curious about what I was knitting, one asked if I was knitting mittens. I haven’t done too much public knitting and I’m not always completely comfortable with it, but it does help pass the time! I wouldn’t ever want to appear rude or distracted so I try and stay focused on what’s going on. I guess I’m okay with knitting at meetings when I’m a “spectator” but not when I’m a “participant.” I wouldn’t knit at a library network meeting or something work related but I don’t have a problem knitting at Town Meeting or something where I’m not an actual part of the process.

Left the meeting and went to Hungry Quilters where I knitted instead of quilted. It’s just so much more portable than lugging around the stinking sewing machine! I hope my fellow quilters don’t kick me out of quilting for lack of participation in actual quilting!

I’m up to alien head #4 on the scarf and the socks are almost to the heel flap. I think I’ll get going on the socks this morning and try and get them past the flap and turning of the heel. I have a hair appointment today and want to take that project with me but don’t want to have to concentrate on the heel while in the salon.

I also put some books on blogging on reserve at the library. I want to add more stuff in the sidebar of this one but I’m pretty shaky on html. These books should be helpful.

Okay, I’m up to date here.

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