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Can you drink a martini and knit at the same time?

Doncha hate when life interferes with knitting? I thought I would get loads of knitting done this weekend. Figured the alien scarf would be finished on Friday and at least one sock by Monday morning. They’re both pretty much the same as at the start of the weekend. Friday night I did take the socks with me to my friend’s house. They stayed in the knitting bag because I had a martini in one hand and pistachios in the other. It’s hard to drink, eat and knit all at the same time and knitting was definitely the thing to fall by the wayside that night.

Saturday was just one thing after another. Between the grocery store (where I found blue cheese stuffed olives for my dirty martinis – yippee!) and visiting with family there was just no knitting time a’tall. The visiting was necessary, though. My mother-in-law is doing very poorly and the family was together for a good part of the weekend to spend some time saying goodbye to her. I had made her a shawl for Christmas and was really touched to see it spread across the foot of her bed.

I spent a good part of Sunday making snacks for the Super Bowl. Once the game was on, I thought – now! – here’s my time and I can knit. Problem was, I was so wiped out by then, I didn’t have much stamina for knitting. I did a few rows on the scarf and decided I wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to the chart. Brought out the socks but only did a few rounds on them before I put them aside, too. Oh well. It’s not a job and I don’t have a quota to meet!

Tonight is Monday, though, and that means Dale goes to Boy Scouts and I have the evening for knitting. Maybe by tomorrow morning I’ll feel like I’ve made some progress! Until next time . . .

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