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Socks and shopping, oh boy!

So Wednesday night I skipped quilting because I was beat from this cold I’ve got. Stayed home and watched the movie Ray (it’s almost Oscar time, yay hooray) and worked on Dale’s sock.


I’ve actually made a bit more progress since I took that photo, I’m now doing the toe decreases and should have it finished today.
Hopefully I’ll be stopping at The Wool Patch in Middleboro on my way home from work today to pick up another skein of green and black to finish the Alien Illusion Scarf.

Tomorrow is a big day. Dale is attending a drill with our Civil War group and my friends and I are going to Sturbridge to visit Wrights Trim Shop and also Knit Witts. Woo hoo! Fabric and yarn shopping all in one day! I’ve got my list ready and hope to find yarn for the moebius scarf and the clapotis from
I’ll post again when I’m shopped out!

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